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Do I need to do this or not?

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OK, me and my b/f have been together about 3 months, and he has some emotional problems but for the most part he is trying to be a better person. He told me he loved me early on in the relationship, and this is the first time anyone had ever told me that and meant it the way he did. But, him and my best friend, Meg, hate each other. He has hit her befor and it really made me angry. (he hit her accross the arm, not the face or nething) She's hit him and finally, one day he hit her back. Well, he apologized for it nd Meg swears its no biggie anymore that its cool. The next day, he told me we needed a break b/c he was too depressed and he loved me, but he didnt want me to worry about him. He was extremely depressed. (that was on Fri) On mon, I saw him and he says "Im better..not as depressed anymore" and I said "I miss you" and he said to please give him more time, but he would understand if I didnt. I was like OK but just let me know when you are ready and I just went off with my buds and tried to have fun. He saw me having fun and he said it made him miss me so bad, and he started hanging with me again. He told my other best friend, Jenah, about how much he missed me and loved me, and she told me the whole thing. Well, she spilled to him the fact that I was gonna have sex with him and of course he was upset that he was so stupid, ect.. I wrote him a note about how it was true and I did love him so much and so on..but I let him know how bad it hurt me that he just broke it off after saying he loved me and stuff, and he hugged me and said he missed me, and we've started going back out. This time around it is way more intense and we are supposedly "in love". I overheard someone ask him if he just got back with me so he could get some, and he was like "nah man, I love her" and he didnt know I was listening. I really want to have sex with him, but Im afraid Ill get pregnant or we might break up, ect. Im 15 years old, btw, and I know yall are thinking I have no clue what love is, ect and you are probably right but I really want us to do this but I want to be safe-what all can I do to protect myself? Should I do this at all?




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I think you should wait. I'm not saying that you aren't in love, but you should just wait awhile to see if he really is someone you want to have sex with. i mean, obviously you do because you love him, but if you love him, you can wait. You should definatly use a condom & stuff, but just know that condoms don't protect you from all stds. Part of the reason that I think you should wait is because you are so young. What would you do if the condom broke & you got pregnant? I don't mean to scare you, because it can happen to anyone, but you really need to think of all the consequences that can come with having sex. Also, since you are only 15, im sure you are going to meet many other guys you will like. & someday you will meet a guy who you are really in love with, even more than the guy you are with now. Since you guys have broken up before, you don't know if the same thing is going to happen again. You can't be too sure that he's not back with you just for sex either. he might have just told that guy that he loved you because he doesn't want anyone going around & saying that. You should wait & see if he still wants to be with you if you don't have sex right away. if he tries to pressure you into it, or complains about it if you say that you want to wait a little while, then chances are he is with you only for sex. you should test him & see how he reacts, then you will know.

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