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Would you date a woman with 3 young children?


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Well I have had a relationship with a guy with 3 young kids, and let me tell you.... there was just a ton of baggage. Beautiful, and good kids, but it was really difficult all the same.


In the case of her having children, there is probably or ex-husband or boyfriend lurking in the background (something that can cause major rifts).


There is so much to be considered, proceed with caution. I won't tell you my experiences, because they'd scare you to death to be honest!

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No. I wouldn't date a woman that even had 1 child.


I'm still really young (mid 20s), and don't have children of my own yet, but definitely want kids when I'm older (too many goals for the next few years, want to get more established, etc.).


If I was in a similar boat as her, then I would see no problem with it, but being pretty young and childless, I would rather not do it for many reasons. I do some volunteer work with single mothers and their kids, and I have nothing but respect for them. That's a tough job.

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Sure I would, but many of the responses here assume marriage is the goal of dating.

I probably wouldn't marry someone with three kids, but I might enjoy dinner with her. Marriage would require forming four functional relationships at the same time.

Seems like a tall order.

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For practise dating I'm usually very liberal with who I date, but this one sounds like it would cross the line. Why would I have to be the succer, would I have to be that badly off that I would have to settle for something like that? I'd prefer to remain single, because having 'nothing' sounds better than having more 'trouble'.

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Thanks. There are other factors involved, including an abusive ex, but she seems to not be messed up by that. My brother is a pastor, and a good judge of character thinks highly of her, says she's a great mom, sweet little kids, and that I'd 'love' her. I just dont want to date her and like her, if I can't handle that whole idea.

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I myself would be hesitant to date someone with three kids. For one thing I want kids of my own and if she already has three, chances are she is not going to want a fourth.

Also you have to think of your lifestyle, kids take up allot of time. You can forget allot of the things you like to do like traveling, sports and the gear that accompanies sports, ext, ext..


But if you really are into the woman than take her out, she might be worth it..

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We could be friends with benefits if I was attracted to a girl with kids. Always wanted to be the booty call loll, but there's no way that I can see myself dating or marrying someone with 3 kids. Of course I'm very young and I think my opinion would drastically change if I was 40 or 50 and divorced.

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