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You ever been on a bad date?


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Yes Im aware I already made a topic like this under the topic name "Girls..." but I didn't like the direction that topic was going and also didn't like the topic titles so I am going to make it so guys and girls can share with me there experience with a bad date.


This can go either way. So, if you been on a date with a girl/guy you didn't like and you hated it. or you can tell me the times when you went on the date and you KNEW the other person wasn't having a good time which would be consider a bad date as a whole anyway.


So yeah, I would love to here your stories. Just for kicks and if you need to vent.

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lol yea iv had bad dates, one sticks out tho.


freshman year i had a huge crush on a girl from confirmation class and she was into me too, from what her friends told me. anyway me and her set up a date, and i brought some backup with me...my two best friends. well, we showed up to the restaurant 30 minutes late only to find my date there with 10 of her friends! i got tested more on that date then i have in 3 years..so after a few tests me and my friends just left, didnt bother to pickup the check. so we ran out.....and they followed us out. i told the girl i had something to do and went to a party...that she went to too. needless to say i got in trouble with her, but ended up getting some tail that night anyway, and i havent spoken to her since that date and unexpected encounter.

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