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4 Month Mark Today

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Hello all,


Some of you remember who I am. You have all been great support. Well today is 4 months. Even through all his cheating and everything that I have gone through, I still persist to call him. He call's me by my pet names and still talks to me in a cute voice like he did when we were together. He also asks me if I have been with any other guys and I tell him the truth.


Some days I feel so tall and strong, some days I am an emotional mess and have to pick myself up off the floor.


On the plus side I am moving states for work on January 15th I have a great apartment with a pool spa and sauna and have a fantastic room mate who is single and my age! Which is kind of exciting.


I wanted to stop talking to him January 1st and make a clean break for the new year. Cut ALL ties. Its going to be hard. But if I am going to a new state I want a new fresh outlook and get rid of him out of my life all together. What does everyone else think?


4 months has gone by and it feels like 1 year. It feels like I was never with him I dont know if thats bad or good? I think because he is in different countries that the healing has progressed so much. I mean I never see him out or nothing ever reminds me of him. He says to me he still finds my hair in the bathroom sometimes and he misses me and it cuts me to pieces.


What was everyone else like at the 4 month mark? I mean I do get teary sometimes, generally during my 'lady friend' weeks and I know this is induced by that, after that I am strong as iron. If i can just kick the habit of calling him everything would be great!

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I have been separate from my ex for about 4 months as well now. I still think about her sometimes not as much as I did before. The last time I cried about her was probably a week ago. That's just because I was madly in love with her and been with her for 6 years. I stopped trying to contact about 2 months ago. It was hard the first week or two but then after got easier and I just did not think about her as much. Really try not to contact him any more it will just make it harder for you to move on.

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People get lonely and/or get rejected and feel the need to come back to something familiar. I've done it and had it done to me. Sometimes you just can't take the reminders, it's torture... I just had a moment thinking about my old girl this past summer wearing a certain dress that made this 6'2 190lb guy feel like butter, I was talking to my brother and got sick to my stomach, just outta the blue i thought of it. I feel helpless at times and it doesn't help living alone either. I guess it gets better, thats what they tell me

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