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Experimenting ... more than once. stressful decision.

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Ok, well, I'm just curious for an answer...


Two years ago when I was in 10th grade, I had a friend stay over, and one random night, my friend and I began masturbating to porn, on separate couches in the same room, under blankets.... 20 minutes later, we're doing it in front of each other (but with the lights out) sitting side by side .... then 10 minutes after that, I'm masturbating him. (were both male) He never did orgasm because he didn't want to make a "mess".


The very next weekend, the same thing happened, but he did orgasm.


The first time, he was a little resistant of letting me touch him, but with him flashing me the way he did, it only had me wanting to masturbate him. It seemed like he wanted me to 'play with his penis, but at the same time, he didn't want me to know that he wanted me to masturbate him because he didn't want to seem to anxious.


The 2nd time, he let me go right to it.




So, that was the end of that, because his step brother moved back from another state (their parents are divorced) and was living with him again. They share the basement together, so there was no privacy at his house, and whenever i'd invite one over, i'd always invite the other. (they are the same age, just a couple of months apart)


Last night, 2 years later, we are all seniors, and I spent the night at his house, and we slept in the same bed (which we have several times since the incident of me maturbating him without any kind of contact.) It was getting very late in the morning, and we started talking about "morning wood", and as soon as that topic was brought up, he had a massive erection, and he pointed at it, and it made the blanket point up like a mountain. So we started masturbating under the cover. I masturbated myself and he did himself. I had that urge again to masturbate him, but didn't and when he put his penis back in his pants, i felt like "i missed the opportunity" (however he didn't orgasm)


I fell asleep, and about 20 minutes later, woke up because he was masturbating out from under the cover. i pulled my penis out and began masturbating (his brother is in another bed 10 feet away from us)


he noticed but didnt say anything and starting stroking his penis so that i could see it very clearly in the dim lighting from the radio (it was pretty dark in the basement)


so ... i flicked his penis, and he laughed, and i asked him if he wanted me to masturbate him, and he said "if you want to", so i grabbit it, and he immediately let go of it and let me masturbate him. when he was about to orgasm, he stopped for a second and said he needed a "towel" and he got up and went to the bathroom and came back down and got into the bed and pulled his penis back out and was playing with it and i asked if he wanted me to do it again. he replied again "if you want to" so i did, and i masturbated him to orgasm.



We've never mentioned or talked about any of the 3 times that this has happened, and today we hung out ALL day, and didn't mention it and there didn't seem to be any awkward moments. I'm sortof gay, but more bi i suppose, and he's crazy about girls, but gets very horny. Next time I have the opportunity, I want to give him a blowjob, but I'm afraid that if I suggest that, he may not want me to and may feel very awkward. But, that is just my fear ... if he didn't want me to give him a blowjob, then I don't think he would just pull his penis out and play with it in front of me and let me play with it too. Then the other thing I'm worried about, is how I may feel the next morning?


I need some advice. I really want to give him oral.

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Get him real good and liqueured up...bring a few porn mags over and look at them together after he's had about 4-5 shots of Jack Daniels..don't get him too drunk or he wont be able to * * * * * * * in your mouth..then once you two start fiddlin around with each others privates, just go straight for the pecker in the mouth...he wont mind. The next part is the most crucial part in this entire strategy...once you have slobbered all over his wankerr and gargled his nut....YOU MUST ENCOURAGE HIM TO CONTINUE DRINKING!! This way the night will be a blurr to him and things will not be so awkward the next day!! And he will always have the excuse .."Well I was drunk"!!

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Just looking at the way you wrote your post, it would seem that you have some self acceptance issues and probably so does your buddy although its hard to say. He may be completely ok with doing all that but isn't sure hw this affects the friendship or perhaps he isn't sure how to approach the issue with someone else. By the sounds of it you probably do not feel right about all of this, chances are you will not feel right about it in the morning.


Changing how you feel about messing around with your buddy, or changing any feelings, beliefs is not an easy thing, it is a process. Messing around with your friend, especially surrounding all these mixed emotions definitely risks your friendship with him. If may be eaiser in the short run to deny any of ths ever happened, but suppressing any feelings or emotions sets you up for a host of mental problems. Depression, anxiety, unhealthy addictive behahiors etc.

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What you're doing certainly is risking your friendship. However, you have the opportunity to take a calculated risk here. You're about halfway through your senior year... if you really value your friendship with this boy for the next six months, I wouldn't go any further with this experimentation. On the other hand, if you really want this experience and you can handle losing the friendship if things don't go well, then take the risk. That way you won't regret not going for it when you're older.

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i'm starting to think that it wont ruin the friendship ... i mean, we've hung out the last 3 days in a row and i spent the night at his house last night (nothing happened, another friend was there)


and nothing seems to be awkward....


do you think that if it was going to ruin the friendship, that the hand job would have probably already done it? or do you think that a hand job and blow job would be that much different as far as feelings afterward??

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