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Had to post here, I promised myself I'd do this too many times!!


My ex broke up with me exactly a year ago today. A year ago, I was sitting on my bed crying my eyes out, feeling like my world had ended, that nothing would or could be happy again. I started logging onto ENA everyday, desperately seeking the answers my ex never gave me from the amazing people here instead. I started the SuperDave NC challenge, and completed it, all the while forcing myself to think of "a year from now". I'd imagine myself happy, with someone new and well and truly over "him".


So, it's been a year. What's happened?

In March I met my current boyfriend. We become boyfriend and girlfriend at the beginning of May, and I couldn't possibly be happier. My ex has tried to talk to me a few times, but I haven't let him for the most part. The last time I was civil because I grew tired of hating him with such venom, and couldn't see the point in being harsh. It has been a year since we broke up, and only in the last month has he given my dvds to a mutual acquaintance to return to me. I'm still waiting on them.


I want to make sure that everyone here that is hurting and cannot see the light realises that it IS there. Just imagine yourself being happy in the future and focus on that. Not them.




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That's a great post Parsley! I recently hit the a-year-ago-today mark (Christmas Eve to be exact) too, and I've come so far, just like you have. It's a great feeling, to be able to look back and go "wow, look how far I've come!" I thought I'd never be happy again too, and I have proved myself wrong on that, time and time again.


Keep up the good work! haha. Thanks for posting - nice to see a positive amongst so much negative

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