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Bumped into ex's friend today...


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I was out shopping earlier and I brushed past a friend of my ex. She gave me a hug and said sorry about everything that had happened. I didn't give too much information away knowing that it would more than likely get back to my ex.


I just chatted to her friend about what she was up to. She told me that she was dumped when she got to uni so she could understand a bit.


What confused me a bit was that one of my ex girlfriend's friends couldn't understand why she broke up with me. Which is nice to know in a way. I was worried that my ex would have them all on her side. When my girlfriend was travelling round Australia earlier this year, her friends tried to persuade her to stay for longer but she wanted to come home and see me. I only found this out today. It makes it even harder to understand why she just flipped the switch when she got to uni.


I told her friend that I was enjoying uni and really getting stuck into music again. I said "I don't really know what's going on in her head" at some point and her friend kind of looked at me in agreement and said "she's just really got involved in the uni life". Which implies casual sex. I'll be upset if that's the real reason for being dumped. 18 months down the toilet for something as shallow as that.


Maybe my ex somehow resents me for "having" to come back home from Australia. Maybe she doesn't think she can have the same amount of fun with me as without me. Let me tell you, from having somebody totally adore you and want to be with you to suddenly treating you like a total stranger is something that I wish on nobody.


By the way, my ex suggested meeting up January 3rd/4th and I told her to put the 4th in her diary. She hasn't bothered to respond to that. I've also found out that she's going to spend new year in Scotland with people from her university. One guy in particular was around before the break up and I became suspicious of her and him. She argued with me that nothing was going on and I have no evidence other than them holding hands in a photo, which she puts down to being close to all her friends. Which I don't really buy.


Today has been a day of reflection and I've realised that I've put so much effort into changing who I am to make her happy but the simple fact is, she just bolted when something new came along.


Gonna stop contacting her again. I am not planning on meeting her now. If she contacts me before the 4th to arrange something then I will see. But I won't be at all surprised if she keeps putting it off. "Oh I'm busy, how about next week?".


I never thought that she would treat me like this. I really didn't. She used to tell me ten times a day how lost she would be without me. We never argued except for when we became frustrated at being apart.


This is all such a horrible way to end the year.

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