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ughh! i dont know what to do anymore.

just mEe

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hi everyone. since im on break from college right now ive been thinking alot, ive been in college for almost 4 years, the first 3 years i was at a community college which your supposed to finish in 2 years but i took my time because i wasnt sure what i wanted to do with my life, but after next semester i will have my associates degree because i had to transfer a class over from my new school to my old school to get my degree. now that im at a new school, they kinda screwed up my classes so im going to be there forever because they only took 30 of my 65 credits. i want to take a year off and work because i have no money! but i know my parents wont go for that idea because my dad is crazy about college & he wants me to finish. i just dont want to be in school forever, but it looks like i have about 3 years left just to get my bachelors degree. i really dont know if im ready for another 3 years of college, i just dont know what to do.

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i know i can apply to other schools, but i havent even gotten my associates yet, i have to wait till may to apply for graduation. and by the time may comes around, ill already be half way done with the school that im at now. i dont think my parents will be too happy with me either if i decide to transfer again.

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Well the thing is that no matter how long it takes for you to apply for graduation, your credits at your previous schools don't go away. They don't vaporize just because you've been at another school. This means that you'd apply for your associates in May while still going to this other school...then you'd reapply to another school with this new degree. The extra credits that you've attained from this current school you can also send to the newly moved to school. If it's true that you'd be close to an associates in your current school by May anyways...then you're right, there might be an issue with you then switching just to file for an associates from the previous school. Either way...I'd still file at the previous school and thereforeeee maybe end up with two associates. In the current school maybe you'd want to change the basis of the associates just a little so you'd end up with two different associates degrees...


Look you have to do it for yourself. I'd suggest not telling them too much about it until you have most of the pieces moved. Then simply explain how you'd graduate much quicker in the newer school than your current school due to their exceptance of your credits or lack there of.


I know the feeling of having parents that don't accept anything but what they've wanted you to do...but sometimes you just have to say what you have to say and deal with the consequences later...otherwise you'll be thinking of quitting school which won't be good at all.


Continue thinking...I see many ways around this.

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