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So my fiancees cousin's wife has a problem with me.


Long and short of it, shes met me TWICE due to her being on medical leave since close to when we started dating.


Due to scheduling conflicts, he has missed a few family get togethers (one i dont count cause it was a baby shower and thats a girls thing anyhow usually, another was when I was having surgery).


She emailed him about how this is unnacceptable and this turned into her calling me controlling, manipulative, childish, and questioning whether he was sure about marrying me. She said im not the kind of person she wants to get to know.


He took up for me and told her where he stands. He told her that his mother and sister love me and thats who counts in his book.


However, now her husband who found out about these emails she sent wants the 4 of us to go to dinner to make up for things and so we can all get to know eachother better.


At this point i dont want to know this woman, and doubt I could ever be friends with her or even comfortable around her.


Should I go? Im at the point where I dont think this woman should even be invited to our wedding.

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IF you have your fiances full support I think you should go. Just be polite and adult about it. Let her apologize if she wishes.


She doesnt have to like you. What matters is what your man thinks. I think you should tell her plainly just that.


You do not have to like me, but you should show me respect and I in turn will show you the same respect. Then do just that.


You dont have to see her all the time, again this relationship is between your man and you.


But if your man wants you to go, I think you should go. Afterall it is his family, so let him make that choice.

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Yes, you should go. Try your best to be forgiving and civil - in other words, take the high road for it.


If you don't. you will look like the one who is causing problems and not trying to solve them and could set his family against you.


Not inviting her to the wedding will create a family feud with people taking sides and all sorts of nastiness. Your fiance and his immediate family may support you but it will cause damage and that is to be avoided if possible.

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Life is to short to hold onto grudges, especially one like this. You should just go and forgive her, so that all the future family gathering aren't so awkward with her around. Who knows? Maybe you two will become good friends. Just go into this with a clean slate. Give her the chance to prove she is actually a good person. It just sounds like a bunch of miscommunication, that can probably be handled over a nice dinner, without anyone else's input.


Good luck,




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