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5 months of dating, 2 1/2 months of exclusiveness (Girlfriend/boyfriend) and I haven't yet 100% fallen in love.


I feel love grow inside of me for her some days, and other days im just content/sitting at idle with her. I love being around her and we have so much fun together. She is my best friend for sure.


That being said, should I know already that I love her? Or am I asking this question to soon?


Thanks guys!

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Yes we've talked about it. She says that shes falling for me, and im falling for her. But she tells me that i've got a ways to go for her to fall in love with me.


So I think we're on the same page. But, she does have a little bit more infatuation with me than I for her.


I've kinda lost that infatuation feeling for new girlfriends because of past relationships. It's got me in trouble before and so it goes away a lot faster for me than it does for my new partners it seems.


Which is ok =]... Infatuation is fake anywho, the real love is where its at!

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I've been going with a woman since July 1, exclusive for about 4.5 months.


The same with me...I could have written your OP. She tells me she is very much in love with me, and I have the refrigerator full of greeting cards to prove it.


I feel comfortable with her, I have strong feelings for her, I have no idea if it's "love" or if I even know what love is...sounds to me like you are doing just fine. Because if you aren't then neither am I!

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Oh no way Low Man... I want her very badly. I hope that it turns into love =]. This woman is amazing. I have been in love before. And this isnt there yet, thats how I know its not love.


But believe me... Im going to stick it out and allow it to get there if it is meant to be!

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