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Should I finish school?


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Hello I'm currently enrolled in college and have about two more full years to go. I 'm studying psychology but dont intend in working in that field anymore. Ever since I was young I have had an great interest in my creative and artistic abilities. The fear of not being rich, as I once desired to be, kept me from pursuing my true interests of art. Now after 4 years of growing I'm finally able to be true to myself and I have a desire to be a photographer. MY question is this, Should I finish my psych degree? Here are some details...

1.) I'm in school out-of-state so I'm paying a lot

2.) My college funds are running out so I may be looking at loans before I could finish

3.)I have very little motivation to finish especially considering it's not what I want to do anymore.

So I could do one of three things, finish my psych degree out of state purely for the piece of paper, finish a psych degree in-state purely for the piece of paper and to save some money, or apply to a two-year photography program. All suggestions are welcome, Please! sent some.

I'm 21 years old about to be 22, don't have a job, just living off college money,I'm currently at University of Tennessee, and if I decided to go the artschool route I'm looking into the Creative Circus in atlanta.

ANY ADVICE???????????????????

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Hey, im a psyc major too!

Hmm, if you're at a traditional school, your first two years are mainly taking GER's anyways. If you were to switch your major now, it would set you back maybe a semester if you've already completed your GER's in time.

If you have the desire to become a photographer, then go for it. If this is your second year, then you've probably taken only a handful of psyc classes. Talk to your advisor and see where your credits stand.

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Are the kinds of classes that you're interested in taking offered at your school? If so you might want to continue in your major for another term and pick up a class or two in the area that you're considering switching to, if you haven't already tried this. Sometimes a class or field is nothing like we think it is, so it's best to check things out first to make certain it is what you really want. Another potential might be taking a term off from school altogether. It's easy to burn out, and taking some time off to just breathe can help you gain some perspective.


With that said, if you don't want to major in psychology anymore, you don't want to major in psychology anymore. That's just how it goes. If you've lost all interest in the subject you won't put enough effort into your classes to take anything out of them, and psychology specifically is a field where a bachelor's degree often doesn't cut it. There are jobs that require a four-year degree in any major, and if you think you might be interested in those in the long term, finishing up the program you're in might be a good option for you.


Talk to your adviser, to any professors that you've gotten to know, and to people in the field in both psychology and photography. Most of all, take time to think before you leap. And good luck!

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Hey i'm a psych major too!


Thats a tough one. I mean, my instinct would be to see it through. That being said, if you have little motivation based on the fact that you don't like the course and are forced to study something you really have no interest in, chances are it will impact on your grade.


I love psychology and mental health more than any other field and i honestly see it psychology not a subject, but a way of life. That being said, you don't need to have that sort of passion to simply get a degree in it. A psych degree can lead to jobs in industry, marketing, advertising, anywhere basically, as well as the stereotypical roles of criminal psychology, education and clinical psychology. So its not a bad degree to have, whatever your interest.


If its not ''touched a part of your soul'' lets say, perhaps it would be good to go with photography as your passion. Only you can make that decision.

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I'm also doing psych! Okay, so echoing the sentiments of some poster before me, psychology is a field where you often have to have further degress in order to be marketable (i.e. phd, med school-psychiatry,etc) so at this point I'd say it would be best to stop. Don't completely drop out just yet but take a "gap year" where you can work a full- time or nearly full time job to get some money together, and evaluate your interests. See where you can go from there.

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I dunno if it looks worse to drop out of a degree or finish a degree that you don't want.


I'd say drop out if you don't like it though I am not sure. The big boss at work has a degree in Chem Eng. that he says he never used nor wanted to use. Asked him why he finished it he said it would look better to have finished. Not in those exact words I can't remember what he actually said.


Depends on what you want to do I guess. He seemed to be happy working retail.

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Even if you don't use your degree, it is something that will always help you...not hurt you. My mother always said, "the beautiful thing about an education is that no one can take it away from you." I am not doing anything with my degree, but I know it will never hurt me....if anything, it will help me in many many situations. Plus, college isn't only about learning, it's about growing and learning about yourself.


Finish school.

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