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Crappy all around

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Hey everyone I haven't posted in a while but i have a few problems.


First of all these last 2 weeks I've been having really bvad dizzy spells, almost like I'm completely off balance. My left hip has a killer pain in it that sends throbs through my thigh with even a slight movement. I dread morning cause I know I'm just going to wake up to the pain again.


Second I think I've hit depression. I just got back home from a 2 week vacation in Hawaii and as soon as I got home I just felt crappy.As for the vacataion I cried myself to sleep every night and I don't even know why.


I'm just so confused and hurting right now.Literally.

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Stress seems to be the problem here. Start thinking about starting to see a therapist it will help. I know what you mean about the pains I have constant tension headaches and sudden chest pains for most of the day it sucks.


How old are you btw ?


What has happened in your life recently to make you feel like this ?

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Have you gone to the doctors yet? I think you should get some pain medication as soon as possible. Also, It's common to develop depression from a physical injury. I think you are at a high risk to develop depression (since you have an injury) and should go talk to a counselor as soon as possible. The counselor can also refer you to a psychiatrist too. I hope this helps!

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