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Taking your gf/bf to college parties?


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I'm in college, and as you all know, college parties are THE place to get * * * * * !!!


Lol...well, that's what guys think. You go to a party and all you see are guys approaching girls with the same "hey, have I seen you before?" or other bs line, not to pick them up, but just to get a lay at the end of the night. I used to be like this, but now it's disgusting.


Well, what if you are a "partier" but simply for the reason to have fun and socialize with your FRIENDS? I feel it is awkward and nerve wrecking taking my gf to parties with me, because the entire night I have to check whether a guy is pushing himself, or even trying to get anywhere, or being social for the wrong reasons...can never accually enjoy myself, because I know that guy over there is really just trying to get his pencil wet at the end of the night. Especially with my gf, who is EXTREMELY (I cant stress that enugh) naive and is easily influenced or sugar-talked...she believes anything...she will not be able to tell whether a guy is trying to get in her pants.


I guess what I am trying to say is that college parties are very sexual in underlying-nature...


How do you feel?

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Well obviously the best thing is to stop going to these parties where you don't know anyone. By the end of my first year at college, I was done with the frat/sorority parties, it just got old for me.

Like you said, a party should be where you are just having a good time with your friends. Not all parties are sexual, but most of them are. For me, I know enough people now that we just have small house parties where we all know each other. How confusion, no worries, just fun. Surround yourself with people you know and trust, and you will have a much better time.

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I've seen how "frat" guys operate and they got some shady practices.


Every night i'd attend these losers parties to soak up their free booze theyd kick everyone out at the end of the night and keep only the drunk girls.


Only god knows what theyd do with them...But i'm sure it wasn't to "nurse" them back to sobriety.


I woudln't bring any girl I cared about to one of these things. You could very well be looking for your GF and walk into a room and find her drunk getting it on with some sweet talking frat boy.

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