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sent a happy holidays


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I sent an e-mail to someone that I got into a fight with and haven't spoken with since then. I don't know if he dislikes me or not but it just said "happy holidays". Did I do the right thing? Does it matter?


Someone told me that when the right person comes along, you'll know. Considering that, do you think that "what ifs" are a waste of time?


What should I do now?

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what if's are never a waste of time, unless you let them be a waste of time. what if's are something that everyone considers. at least i do, a lot.

the e-mail is just an email. you're not asking this person to marry you or be your best friend. you're just wishing them "happy holidays". totally okay in my book.

what should you do now... that's kind of a loaded type question, sort-of. i don't know if any of us could tell you what to do now. i know that's not what you want to hear at all. but i mean, do what your heart says. and that's a stupid thing to hear. if you knew what your heart said, you would have done it already. but gratsy, sit for a minute and listen to your heart. what is it telling you?

if you get a response from this person. send them a response. if it's a long response. send them a long response in return. don't spill your guts. give it time. start to conversations out small. if you don't get a response in a few weeks, send another small e-mail maybe asking how they are doing.

take it slowly though, i guess, is my main suggestion.

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