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hi all


my ex and i have agreed to meet after new years. it was my idea after i said to her that my mind had more clarity now than ever. i have told her that i wanted to firstly reconcile our friendship and if anything happens after that to let it happen naturally. she lives long distance but i am willing to travel because i believe you can only grasp and understand the real feelings with someone face to face. there is too much misread, misunderstandings when you only have email, text, and phone i feel.


i have let her know though that i have still have very strong feelings toward her and that if she felt uncomfortable with me coming to see her that she can tell me and id understand. i would take it on the chin, move on and learn from my mistakes. i also have let her know that if that it was her decision not to see me, i would be proud of myself for opening up to her and accepting that i truly loved her and take it as a positive and do my best to move on.


she has said yes to still seeing me. i sent her a small but meaningful xmas gift - it was a scroll which had a beautiful writing that more or less told her i still considered her my soulmate. i wrote on the card saying that is how i truly feel towards her and i am not afraid to admit it. i also wrote when i see her 'whatever happens happens.' she tried to call me on xmas eve to say thanks for the gift but unfortunately i missed the call. the next day i texted her merry xmas and she replied straight back twice. i even told her that i hope the gift was ok and it was what i feel suited.


so unless im completely off track i feel that there possibly may be a chance for reconciliation? i would call her more but i feel i really want to get my message accross face to face first when i see her.. its prob like 2 or 3 weeks away.. my question is, is this a slender chance at fixing things? considering i have been upfront on my feelings toward her still. and what do i do for the next few weeks? do i keep low-key? ive been emailing her once a week and just saying nice positive things because i actually really have been positive my outlook on life has changed for the betterin the last couple months but i obviously still care for this woman.


any opinions and advice is welcome


regards, shaun

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i broke it off as the long distance was making it really hard on both of us. mainly me being suspicious. in the 6 months we have been NC to LC to NC.. back to LC... i have come a long way since then though. i have learned that i can only be myself to someone and if they end up with someone else because of that its not meant to be. i guess im on my last chance with her with this whole thing and i would love to make it work but if it doesnt at least id know. id see her body language and all and she would see mine.

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