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ppl at schl keep calling my g/f names, what can she say?

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hey guys, its soldier4Christ

well, the girl i asked out called me and just wanted someone to listen b/c some ppl at her school were calling her names like s-l-u-t and h-o-e, and stuff like that . what is somthing i can say to get her to stand up for herself, and what are somethings she could say back. i appreciate the help, and im she she will too....








Thanks again


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Generally, the best way to treat this kind of bullying is to keep reactions to a minimum, because there's nothing bullies hate more than "victims" who don't care. A simple "You wish" is enough. Or, try agreeing. Say "Yah, you're so smart." No matter what you say, they'll mock your answer. Show them with your reactions that you think THEY are stupid, and try to spend as much time as possible with your friends and avoid the bullies.


If they are threatening physically, then you have a more difficult challenge. If a bully is truly much bigger and stonger, then finding a few allies is helpful, even if it means a teacher.

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dfcannon is right!!!!!

but i have been throu wat ur and ur girl r goin throu coz my bf 's best friend accidentally slipped that i had sex wit him so every one started calling me names and my bf just told me to answer back with smart ass remarks and after a while they new they couldnt win so they lft me alone!!

the best thing u can do is tell her ur there 4 her and always will b! im in yr.8 and all of this happened 2 me last month!

good luck and i hope they stop teasing her and u!!!

full on chick

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Thing is, if she reacts at all, angry or upset, she's gonna make it "fun" for them. They'll have a reason to continue if they're getting much of a reaction.


Even if she "tops" what they say, it'll just turn into a challenge for someone to come up with a remark she doesn't have a comeback to, like an immature competition.


If she can ignore what they say, just act like it's beneath notice, boring and completely ignore them to the point of looking through them, it won't be fun, they'll move on to a more interesting target for their games.


It's the equivalent of these idiots teasing someone's dog with a stick - when the dog walks away and doesn't respond to being provoked, there's no point. LOL, I'm not equating your gf to a dog... I'm making a comment on the maturity of their mentality there

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