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Why cant i speak freely to my girlfriend to have that open communication as she has done for me? She's stood naked to me and I know everything about her. My life's story doesnt flow that freely... She's tried to initiate the floor to get in my head but refuses to cater to my inability to talk anymore. I made the mistake to be too controlling and held back talking to her that could have destroyed our family... Apologies and rebuilding trust that she is my other half to open and try to be less controlling (because I am not superwomen) are the realizations I need to succeed in to salvage this relationship. But if she's fighting herself to stay then takes a step backwards, I dont know what to do to build her belief in us again... Others she have allowed to step in to be the ones to lift her spirits and feel alive again, and I feel that she has become content with that and doesnt expect it from me anymore... What can I do?

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I know this sounds redundent becouse I am saying what you asked but you need to open up to her, Trust is the key to a good relationship you just have to trust her. let down all of your gards and just tell her every thing she will lissen.

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Hi, I don't know if you should take my advice cause I have let down people in the past about the trust thing. But, I have learned that once the trust is gone there is nothing, and I do mean nothing that you can do. The ball is no longer in your court. I know it's hard to talk and communicate but, if you love this person then step up. Don't let what could be the best thing that has ever happened to you go away cause it will hurt and it will hurt forever.

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