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She isn't really open enough


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i've been talking to this girl on the phone for awhile now

and we always have fun talking about things. we've never met

but we know how much we feel for eachother


the thing is that i'm always the one telling her that i want to be with her. i know she does too but she doesn't really say any of that stuff to me. i really know she wants to but a week ago, i felt the whole relationship was one-sided


i talked to her about it and she says that she chooses to express her feelings another way, rather then going on about it. she says if she goes on about that stuff - she'll feel corny. she told me she means it though and that i shouldn't think that she doesn't feel the same way.


but sometimes i find myself in that position. having a hard time expressing my feelings or just bringing up things. she's never been in a relationship before or have had everything i feel about her told to her.


how should i approach all of this?

how can i make her feel more open to me and not feel corny about it?


thanks a lot

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Be corny first! It may ease her to not feel so uncomfortable expressing her mutual feelings. Or tell her one thing you feel and follow it up by, "do you feel the same way"? If she does, try to go from there to have her explain why. Communication techniques are different amongst everyone and sometimes we need a little help getting the ball rolling. Good luck and dont let it frustrate you. Patience is the key.

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