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Dont take things for granted


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Hey, i havnt posted here for a while. But the last few days have been a bit upsetting as they have made me realise, that you should never take things for granted.


The other day i heard about a car crash involving a guy taking his presents up to his family, he spun on ice and was instantly killed. It just so happens that one of these persons friends came into my friends shop today, returning an item. She broke down and explained that she was returning it as the person she bought it for had passed away.


Hearing that alone made me feel sad, and made me realise how much i appreciate being with my friends and family at this time of year. I have just spoke to my ex who i havnt spoke to in aggges because i had issues with her. I made myself speak to her as she was getting upset by my actions. I couldnt deal with it, knowing that she was unhappy at this time of year because of me. When she should be happy with her family.


It just felt like i was ruining her christmas by her being unhappy, then her being happy would ruin her familys christmas.


I wanted to say dont take your family and friends for granted, end grudges you have with ex partners or enemies. Because they might not be here tomorow and you wont have that chance to say what has been playing on your mind.


I hope this makes sense to people i just needed to get it off my chest. Just savour every moment, it could be your last.


Merry Christmas

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I agree. A very good friend of mine passed away from Cancer January 8th of this year. The holidays last year were hard and I miss him dearly. Sometimes we really don't appreciate or miss the people in our lives until they are gone. I would give anything to have him here with me today. Life is too short.

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I'm sorry to hear about your life. Don't give up. I never knew my grandfather and my grandmother passed away 10 years ago. Over time you'll be able to remember more about the good times and thinking about them will bring a smile to your face.


How can such a kind thoughtful person who wants to be a friend to others even comtemplate giving up? Stay strong and keep your head up. Time heals all wounds.

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Just remember the good times you had then. And the people that are in your life now, make the most out of every situation. Stay positive, if not for yourself then for the people around you as your actions have consequences. You cant give up, think how that woman felt going into my friends shop telling them about her loss. I bet you she feels like giving up and its so upsetting, especially at this time of year.


I hope my thread has some impact on people and thanks for replying

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