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once lovers now roommates


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I am in a ltr relationship with a 33 yr old man and long story short we have had sex twice(briefly) in the past three months. I have spoken to him about how it makes me feel. The usual ...omg he is not attracted to me, and I am not conceited but I am attractive. There are so many things that I can excuse this with. He just finished law school. Law school equals stress. This was his first excuse when I brought up my issues. However he has been in law school for quite some time and our sex life was fine at the beginning of our relationship 8 months ago. Was good for the first 2-3 months and tapered off after that. He now has told me that he probably has ED so he went to his doctor and got a prescription for Viagra. That was a week ago. Nothing yet. I have begun sleeping on the couch every night and have no interest anymore it seems. His daughter comes every weekend and sleeps in the bed with him. Our relationship has become to me what seems like roommates instead of lovers. I absolutely refuse to bring this up again to him. I would love some advice. I dont want to end our relationship.

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