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Missing the ex fiance, sent happy holidays text today


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Well, I have been here posting this week, trying to help others out with situations they are going through. A lot of my advice was related to what I thought I did wrong last year with my ex fiance (including 6 year old daughter).


We have not spoken in many months. She requested no contact, and I have done so well for the past 6 months. Today, I sent a simple text letting her know that I wish her and her daughter a happy holiday season and future to come, even though we are no longer together.


I feel terrible now after sending it. The goal was not to get her back, but I would be lying if I said I did not miss them both so much, especially during the holiday season. There is nothing like watching your fiance and soon to be step daughter open presents on Christmas day.


For the most part, I have moved on, and just simply wanted to wish them the best. I realize the woman I fell in love with, is not the one I was about to marry. I will never know which woman she truly is, I just know we are not together.


I have been dating, and enjoying life, and things are getting back to normal for the most part.


I just feel bad after sending that message. I am not worried about hearing back or not, I just wanted to let her know I wish them the best, whether I am in their lives or not


Well, not all is bad, and I am pretty happy with the dates I have been having. I know there are others out there.


Is it wrong to wish her and her daughter the best during the holidays and in the future, even though we are not together???

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It is not the worst thing in the world to say, "Merry Christmas", especially if a child that you might have grown attached to is involved. You have said it, now let it be. She now knows that you still wish her the best. after everything. If she wants to pursue it from here, it is her call, if not you have broken the ice and made peace with her. Now continue with your life as you were. The last thing that she will remember about you, are those good wishes.


Merry Christmas to you!

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Its understandable why you wanted to send them that message. The situation sucks man, but I cant send my ex's stuff like that because it produces too much anxiety or whatever in me. I wonder about the same things you are. In my life, i just dont do it even though I may want to.


But, there is certainly nothing wrong. The only person it can mess with is you, but it looks like you are going to be alright man.

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Thank you for the support. I just felt good to send it at the time, but I know I cannot go back and hit the undo button. It's hard this time of year, and I miss that little girl terribly. I miss the woman I fell in love with, but I know she is not the same person anymore


Anyways, thanks again for the support, and to all merry Christmas, and to 2008 being EVERYONES year for enotalone members...





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