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is she just using me for a bit of fun to get herself off?


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I met this girl on espin bottle thing, with loads of profiles and stuff. Anyway she had added me and sent me a note and she seemed to be pretty cool from her profile.


Anyway, we started chatting over MSN and have been chatting for about month and a bit, usual things life, college etc etc.


Recently she started telling me about how horny she is and basically we had some form of cyber sex both on MSN and over text.

We chat on the phone quite a bit also, but we havent really dicussion anything 'sexual' over it.


We are meeting up in december and she tells me she would love to do all the things we talk about in real life. Now i just took this as a joke at first but she says it on and off. What am I to think?


Also, is she just using me for a bit of fun to 'get herself off' (very crude i know) ?


I have dropped a couple of hints maybe we could cyber date but she hasnt really responded to this much, but she texts me or tells me pover the phone she wishes i was with her and that she misses me.


I really am a bit stuck on what she wants with me, or what I should do!


Thanks alot for any advice



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That is a very tough situation to deal with....however I think you should realize that any form of relationship that is based solely on sexual relations in the beginning, that's about the depth of the relationship.


To get to really know someone first (yes in real life, not "knowing" them over the internet) and then deciding you like/love them for who they are, then I think it's okay to sleep with them.


But if you just want the sex too, then go for it! (Just be safe) But if you're looking for anything more than sex with this girl, don't jump start things right into sex.

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