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Feeling frusterated with myself...


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Sometimes I wish that as an adult, I wouldn't make stupid mistakes...but I know that I always will. My current situation: I am halfway accross the world, and I have stupidly locked myself out of my online account, and thus any access to my US Bank account. I have some money in my Japanese bank account, to pay for food while I'm studying abroad here...but I now owe a friend a large sum of money and cannot access the funds to pay him back. I always don't know if I will have enough money to make until my school supplies a stipend in time. But I think I have friends I can count on to help me with that. I also am still not over this girl, and must work hard to improve my positive disposition of myself. But I am going to try to enjoy myself Christmas, New Year's, and when my Parents come in January. But it feels a little tough to hang on. Sorry, I just had to vent.

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We all make silly mistakes and get frustrated with ourselves. Just the same you sound like an optimistic, glass half full kind of guy to me. You acknowledge that you have friends you can count on, you work hard to have a positive disposition and that you're gonna try to enjoy yourself when your parent's come over. Don't be so hard on yourself....it sounds to me like you have a pretty decent outlook on life and have just hit a little bump in the road. Your quote by Churchill is great and I believe it reflects how you've chosen to live your life. You, my friend, are going to be fine.

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We all make mistakes. Have you ever google locked myself out of my online bank account. Your not the only one.


Did it myself a few time's.


Hope you enjoy your Christmas, New Year's.


Stay positive it is nearly January not that long to go, only a few more days.


(((( HUGS ))))

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Just because one gets older doesn't mean we stop making mistakes. We all just live and learn. I'm curious though as to how you permanently locked yourself out of your online account. I've done that before myself (in my old age) LOL Usually you can request it be resent and they'll reset it by email or over the phone. I don't think it's a permanent thing unless the problem is in calling the bank. Isn't there anybody stateside who can assist you? There's always an answer to every problem no matter how daunting it may seem.


Sorry to hear about your break up and your loss. It's probably a very stressful time for you. I'm praying the new year will bring you peace and joy.



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