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Hi , I have just broken up with my girlfriend and im feelin all miserable. Our relationship started out very well, I didnt expect it to be anything becouse i was leaving the country after about two months after we first met. I told her that right from the start so we were just gonna play until then. But things got really good, we grew one each other , and she ended up coming with me abroad for a couple of days and we decieded to try to make this work, note I had the time of my life with her then.

Long distance relatitionship, using email and msn, "I miss you" kind of things , I also sent her flowers over the internet, and she was telling me in emails that this was looking all good, that she had spoken to her mum about me, and that she never tells her mom about men if it isnt serious. Then things were not working out well here for me in this other country jobwise so I told her that I was maybe planning on coming home sooner, then she told me that I was putting pressure on her by doing so??. Well 12 days ago I got this email , stating that she was thinking of me more like a friend . I replyied that I respectet her wishes and blablabla, trying to play it cool, but soon afterwards I send another one , asking if she would give me another chance when I come back. In her answer she told me ,maybe, only time can tell blabla. Im pretty sure right now that she is in bed with some other guy, and I got this advise not to contact her, see if she will contact me when I come back which is after one month , hell of a time, this is suposed to be the time of my life here, but is turning into a real nightmare. I was just looking at her blogsite, and there she seemed very happy, and had a few comments from some guys with some info they should not know unless they have had some close encounters with her which im sure they have. Im just going mad here, im trying to let her go, but I still long for her , and Im sure I will try when I come back, but please anyone, can you give me some words to make my feal better, should I go on the nightlife and try to pick up women or? I dont even think I could do that right know, Im just to damn depressed.

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Hey Kalli


Breakups suck bad hey..


I think maybe u're just thinkin too much right now, you have a lot of emotions and thoughts running through overtime. I just want u 2 kno that in a very very slight way, I'd have been in ur cirucmstance. Except I would've been the girl in your case.


I missed her so much and it wasn't like we were in different countries...it was almost like we just didn't have enough time, our lives were 2 busy and our personalities were too different. A lotta times I really wanted 2 break up wif her coz I just realise that maybe she's not the one for me and I don't want her to change coz what I hate her for could make someone fall in love with and if she's not the one for me, she can at least b for someone else, i just wanted her to be happy...


Another reason why i would've done it was that I miss her so much that the pain is just sometimes 2 great and i'd rather save myself from it all.


You think any of those reasons 2 relate to ur ex?


Happy Heb

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