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OK so what's going on?


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I was going out with this girl for about a month and a half, we both had come out of a recent relationship about a month before before starting dating. Last week, while waiting for the bus, after a long awkward silence she told me she needed to talk to me. She started crying and telling me how she loves being with me and that she always feels great, but when we're not together she doubts and doesn't know if she really loves me. How she feels bad that she still sometimes thinks about her ex, how it would have been their 1yr anniversary if they were still together, etc etc... Anywho, she looked really confused and sad about all of this and it was sincere. I asked her what she preferred doing about it, if ending this relationship would be the better thing to do, she agreed after a long silence, saying she'd feel like a hypocrite to continue after telling me all of this. I agreed but was obiously sad and we didn't speak at all for the bus ride. Then a couple days later there was a college party for the end of the semester, we didn't say a word to eachother all night even though we hang out with the same people... On my end, I was still sad about the breakup not knowing what to tell her because I still love her and can't really accept the break up yet. Although she seemed down as well and didn't talk to me either.


I decided to send her an email the next day saying I felt dumb for not talking to her cause I still love her and that Id prefer to keep talking and doing things with her after all.


My question is, will she sort things out in her head? Are there still any chances? My ex before that decided to break up for the same reasons as her (both of these girls are very frikin similar, that is why I fell in love with a very similar one, to the point where she does the same thing as the other) But the other one still loved me, but I didn't think she did, she never told me after when we saw each other again and I decided to just give up...


Now I don't know if I should give up on her, I dont want to anywhom... we always got along, never had fights, have a bunch in common and I find it crappy how it has to end in an 'im confused , i dunno if i love you' way. But now, Im the one getting confused wondering if I should just give up.l.. ugh, ill shut up

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There's no way to know what she might or might not do. You are handling it the right way by letting her go and keeping your contact to a minimum, and by staying strong and not begging her to come back to you. That seems to happen way to often, and thats a guarantee of failure.


All you can do is stay the course. If you want to wait her out, then I suggest you dont actively date right away. Keep yourself busy, and if you see her at an event then you can be friendly and smile and wave, but I wouldnt approach her. Let her come to you.

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It just seems to me that maybe both of you got involved too soon after you breakups with other people. This would be what people commonly call rebound relationships. Nobody knows what she's going to decide or what the future holds. Give her some time and space, live your life and maybe things will work out in the future.

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