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Cervical cancer

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I received a phone call from my GP earlier today and he informed me that I have stage II cervical cancer. At 28 years of age, I am stunned ( I know that there are no age limits, but i can't believe it). I have to start treatment in three weeks time. He went on to say don't worry about it, get over the Christmas and we'll talk about the procedures then. The news came as a shock and I never thought to ask any questions.


Does anyone know what the treatment involves and how long is the recovery time?


Any help would be appreciated



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Not sure if this is the same thing but my ex gf had abnormal cells in her cervix that would lead to cervical cancer if nothing was done to prevent it. She got a L.E.E.P. procedure done and it didn't take very long at all and so far she has had nothing come back. There are many women that have to have this done at some point in their life...usually as a result of HPV...a very common STD found in about 80% of the population.


Can you share some more details? I'll try to answer as many of your questions as I can.

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Stage II: In this stage, the cancer has spread beyond the cervix to nearby areas, but it is still inside the pelvic area.

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Stage II Cervical Cancer

Cervical cancer diagnosed as stage II disease is commonly detected from an abnormal Pap smear or pelvic examination. Following a staging evaluation of cervical cancer, a stage II cancer is said to exist if the cancer has extended beyond the cervix to the upper portion of the vagina (stage IIA) or to the tissues next to the cervix, called the parametria (stage IIB). Patients with stage II cervical cancer are generally treated with a combination of radiation therapy and chemotherapy. Some patients with stage IIA disease can undergo a radical hysterectomy, sometimes followed by a course of radiation therapy.

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I have had the LEEP procedure done and it is no worse than a few horribly bad period cramps. Then you get something like a period and a nasty piece of your cervix comes out during that time. YUK


Mine never got as far as the stage 2. I am not really sure about any of it. Make sure to get a second opinion and thought you dont' need me...if you need to talk just PM me.




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I know my friend had cervical cancer. But I don't know what stage. She said that all they had to do was cut the piece of her cervix off that was infected. After that she did get pregnant but had a lot of complications. But to my understanding only with her first child. At only 4 months she had to have her vagina sewn together because it was very weak. And she had to be on bedrest for the following 5 months after that. She is able to have more children. She has 4 now.

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All I can say is my thoughts are with you!


I have dealt with HPV causing abnormal cells on my cervix for 3 years now resulting in 2 LEEP cones and each time that I get a phone call that the cells have returned my heart drops into my stomach.. I couldn't imagine how hard it must be to accept cervical cancer especially at such a young age. Thanks to the progress in treatment the outcome is usually very good. I know easier said than done but keep your head up and focus on the treatment and getting better. Sorry I can't offer much more information but you're definitely in my thoughts and I Hope you make a full recovery with no complications!

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Hey unreg....


I am sorry to hear of your diagnosis.


I had cervical dysplasia (which they said was a Stage I but I was young and had no idea what was going on!) when I was 16 (they did not test for HPV back then when you had it as they did not know link and I have never tested positive for it since) and had several procedures as it was so stubborn (biopsy, LEEP, cryosurgery, laser surgery) until it was removed - I remember how scary it was! I was also so young, and even embarrased and did not want to tell anyone (only my boyfriend knew - not even my mum knew until much later!).


I have been fine ever since, but if/when I have children I will need to have my cervix sutured until delivery.


I am so adamant about women getting regular PAPs because you need to catch this early, and often women don't know until it is more advanced. It is very treatable when caught early.


One of my friends had cervical cancer (it was also Stage II) and had part of her cervix removed, it was tough but she has been cancer free for several years. She already had children & did not want more, so not sure if she still could.


What a horrible time of year I know to find out. Two years ago on December 18th, my mother was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer (she is doing VERY well today though has had a lot of treatment/surgery) and it coloured the holidays in many ways (but also made them all that more important).


Do some research until you see doctor again, but try to also surround yourself with hope.



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I'm so sorry. I can't imagine the hardship.


Stage II is more advanced than the "Don't worry about it" stage, but it isn't horrible. The survival rate is very good.


Treatment will be hard, but you can do it.


I don't know if you could have children, the way the cancer has advanced will determine how much surgery will be needed. If the cancer spread into the uterus it may mean a hysterectomy.

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This HPV thing is really starting to get a lot of exposure...but I still think it needs a far greater amount of it. It is really causing a lot of problems for people and the fact that it goes so undetected is what makes it such a big problem.


Women who don't have health care coverage or can't go to a gyno are the one's that will truly suffer. Makes me sad.

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