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My 3D ultrasound


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Very nice. How cool technology has become!!!!


I debated whether to have a 3D ultrasound when I was pregnant. Ultimately I decided agaisnt it because I wanted an element of surprise when my son was born......but WOW.... if you want to see some clear facial detail, these are really cool! What a cutie. Congrats!

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Thanks guy. =)


so, I actually didnt pay anything for mine because my friends mom runsa 3D prenatal imaging studio kind of thing. The package I got would have cost $195 (it was my shower gift). Snd that was for 40 minutes. I got a DVD a gift bag and close to 25 pictures. I think it was like 15 printd and 23 on a CD or something like that.The printd ones come out in black and white and the ones on the CD come out colored (orange-ish and black like the ones i posted).


I think the price range goes a little something like this:


Basic Gender Package - $65.00


10 Minute Session

5 Black & White Pictures

Gender Determination

Gift Bag

Gender Plus Package - $85.00


10 Minute Session

8 Black & White 2D, 3D Pictures

CD with 10 2D, 3D Pictures

Gender Determination

Gift Bag

Add a music DVD to above session set for $15.00


Basic 3D/4D Package - $185.00, without DVD $165.00


20 Minute Session recorded on a DVD set to music

CD with 20 Color 3D pictures

10 Black & White 3D pictures

Gender Determination

Gift Bag

Premium Package - $195.00


30 Minute Session recorded on a DVD set to music

12-15 Black & White 3D pictures

CD with 25-30 3D pictures in color and 4 of those set to video short clip for live viewing on computer or emailing.

2 Color 3D 5x7 pictures

Gender Determination

Limited Report

Gift Bag




its well worth the money if you can afford it. Even the 10 minute one would be worth it. I was so in shock that this little person was mine i didn't even speak the whole u/s haha.


and no, insurance won't cover it because its still a new procedure and its not considered necessary to the pregnancy. =(

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Depends on the doctor.


My doctor had a 3D ultrasound machine in the office.


Each time I went to visit he looked with it, I saw her each and every time after my 4th month.. He did not even listen for the heart beat... He looked with the ultrasound and we could see it beating, and a reading on the screen gave a print out of just what the doctor wanted to see.


He measured her as she grew. It was so so freaking cool.


It did not cost me anything extra. He preferred to do it this way.


My daughter is now a year old. When I was pregnant with my 3 year old though, he didn't have the machine in the office and I had a normal ultrasound.... So it would depend on if your doctors office were willing to shell out the cash to buy the machine. My doc was very excited with his new toy..

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