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unsure about AIDS

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I would appreciate some one helping me

i wish to have sex with a a prostitute

but unsure about AIDS i would like somne one to guide me


1. if i wear a condom is that risky

2. if i lick her boobs then is that risy

3. if she lick my penis and my body is that risky


Please soon

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Bad idea. Here is a study that I think you should read before you do anything stupid. Here is a quote and a link.



WASHINGTON, DC (October 16, 2002) – A new scientific report released today reveals that condoms, even when used 100 percent of the time, fail to reduce the risk of some of the most common and potentially dangerous sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) to an acceptable level.


America is facing an epidemic of STDs – more than 15 million new STD infections per year," commented Joe S. McIlhaney, Jr., MD, president of The Medical Institute. "It is imperative that Americans understand what the science says about the limits of condoms in keeping them safe from STDs, many of which can have life-altering consequences, including infertility and cancer.

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this is something you should definatly consider. why is it that you want a prostitute? well, i know the obvious answer, but there are many risks to that. they have had sex with many others before & they could possibly be carrying many diseases. i don't think that condoms can protect you from every thing. just think about the consequences to this before you do it.

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I'm not sure what the allure of a prostitute is... and everyone has some valid points - not to mention, even if you avoid STDs, there are a world of normal diseases out there that are transmitted by casual contact, and I seriously doubt they take sick days - is the risk really worth it?


If you have any alternatives open - I'd reconsider. If you're still determined to go through with it, check some information websites first and at the LEAST be as safe as humanly possible.

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