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should i?


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ok i dated this guy for 4 months and 28 days. there r more stuff about our relationship in other forms i did. any way he dumped me and then the next day he said that it was the worst thing he ever done and then a week later i dumped him because my friends said he was a @$$ so this guy #1 any way in Sept i thought i would try and move on so i started datin one of his friends(not close friend)any way when me and he his friend broke up i relized i still love that guy#1.and then i started datin this other guy and i still really liked guy#1 so i broke up wit him but i never told any1 that i like guy #1 and i told guy#1 i was so over him even tho deep down i wasn't and i was tellin ppl i was over him bcuz i thought if i said it enough i would b over him but it didn't happen so i told all my friends i still cared for him and missed him so.So 1 of my friends told him and asked him out but the problem was i was datin his friend again so i dumped his friend and i started datin guy #1 agian what i wonderin is did i do that right thing or not and my parnets don't like guy #1.

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I think you should date a lot of different guys and do not get serious with only one at this point. You do not sound like you know what you want at this point. I don't think this is a bad thing. Good things take time. Don't be in a hurry. Just have fun and enjoy were you are at and try not to wish you were somewhere you are not ready to be. God bless

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