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To irregular to test?


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When your period is irregular, when do you know you've missed it?

With the drama on the household front, I've been really stressed. And my period likes to be a gift for the holidays. But there was a chance in this cycle that I may have conceived. He and I were...distracted with other things, he managed to pop in, we both went "...oops", he pulled out and put on a condom. So a chance, however slight, exists. I can't take the pill (normal BC or morning after), and don't get my IUD put in until January...

When do I know to take the test, with a period that jumps from 15 days to 30 on a regular basis?

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On the topic of unprotected sex in our household...My bf and I were both virgins.

Only time we'll ever get to be clean slates, I guess.

For what it's worth, most of the time, it's no holds barred when it comes to protection. Spermicide, condoms of the male and female type

That night, special as it was, was a once in a life time event.

We've learned our lesson: the minute he gets hard, distracted or not, condom goes on!

But yeah, we don't have the STD risk, so things were a little lax, other than BC measures.

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By virgins, I meant the first we ever shared more than a kiss with.

Technical virginity was lost as well, but only very recently...

I know that STDs/Is (the difference is whether they show symptoms or don't, I believe?) can be transferred during most sexual activities, including oral and most types of skin/skin contact, depending on the disease in question.

My mother works in a clinic for teens; trust me, sex ed in my household was very practical, and very through.

And full of death threats if we did something overly dumb, as I did, on December 1 of this month.

I only want to know when, if an event like this should occur again, not just in my life, but in other's as well, when an irregular girl can test and expect a relatively accurate result. For example, is 20 days enough? Or for those whose period has gaps of up to 30-35 days, even after being short the month before, is the wait time 40 days after your last period...etc.

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