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Running into people you tried to ask out


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Years ago I'd bump into this female while coming from school(we never spoke to each other though). Immediately, I get the impression she was interested in me(she was always staring at me). I WANTED to ask her out, but she was sixteen and I was nineteen(found out from someone she went to school with). So I waited. As I waited, she continued to show heavy signs of interest. Eventually I noticed she started to get frustrated that I wasn't making any attempts to talk to her. One day(a year and a half later) I decided she needs to know I felt the same way. I tried to speak to her while she was with one of her female friends(I got her name as she started creeping away while looking at her friend). She made it seem like she would rather go out with her friend and they walked away laughing(pointing to the both of them like they were together). From that time to now(2003-2007) I've seen her around and she's giving signs again and seems very upset I'm not speaking. I saw her today at the mall and got the same "would you please say something" look, but with a really hurt expression.

What would be the best thing to do in this case(we'll most-likely meet again)?

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She must be something special.. That's a lot of years to be interested and not do anything about it. But in all honesty you're making it much more difficult than it needs be. It's as simple as saying hi, talking, and then asking if she would like to .


And I totaly agree with capbit, relax, it's no bid deal. . . When you become Will Smith in I am Legend, then you might need to worry if the one woman you know turns you down, but until then, there is an abundance of amazing women.

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