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Do you like your job??


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I do love my job. (most parts of it anyway) I didn't do it for money, but after doing it for almost 10 years, the money isn't so bad. But thats not whats most important to me. If it was, Id be working elsewhere for someone else. I just want to wake up in the morning with a smile on my face. Not dread of having to know Im going to be spending my day doing something that bores the hell out of me.

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Before I went back to school last year, I "liked" what I did but it was not me. Paid okay, but it was certainly not for the money!


I went back to school for law, because it is something I have wanted to do a long time. Certainly NOT for money since my career plans are to go into Legal Aid (aka.....no money ). I do some pro-bono with them now and I just have a great passion for it in the sector of legal aid I am desiring to go into. Something I had wanted to do in undergrad too, but the time off working before going onto grad school was SO important for me to really get my focus and direction to know what I really wanted to do with it.

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I don't hate my job.


But I don't think I will ever do a job I love or am passionate about. I'm not passionate about work and never will be.


Even when people say 'what would be your dream job'.. i can't think of it, because there is nothing that i want to do THAT much. The things that make me happiest, i can't be paid for!

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Question for people out of college and working. Do you sincerely like your job or are you doing it for the money? And was deciding on a major in college more for future monetary gain or for the love of it?


If ur really smart and/or you have passion for science major in engineering.


If ur not major in accounting.


Or do something leading to one of the medical professions.

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I'm sort of worried that once I graduate and get a job, I'll end up hating it. The reason that I chose my current major was primarily for future financial benefits and a little for because I liked it. I'm starting to think that my future job is going to be a dead one.

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I have the same fear as jsosk...I keep switching majors...I've switched about 4 times (Pre-med, spanish, international business, international studies)... I want to go into art history but my college doesn't offer it as a major (i'm on my 3rd college, too! talk about indecisive)

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...I "liked" what I did but it was not me.


I'm feeling the same way with my job right now. It "works" for the moment ... at least until I find what I really want to do later on. I am paid real well and have good benefits so it motivates me to stay there for now.

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