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Talking to my boyfriend.


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my boyfriend and I have been going out for a little over a month. We actually talk a lot....he calls me everyday and we talk for about an hour. But he always says I'm a really big conversation killer. because with some of the things he says I just don't know what to say back, so he does most of the talking. I think he's really getting annoyed that i don't talk very much. But I've never been a very big conversationalist. Last night he told me that I was so hard to talk to because I don't say very much, and that hurt, I really wish I was easy to talk to but I can never think of anything to say! Could you please help me on what to do about this, or give some things that I could talk about with him?

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i hear ya hun!!! the thing that i did n i think will work for you, is that since u have only been together for, what, a month? then ask each other questions that u dont know about each other i.e~ what are u afraid of? i had a convo like that before and it led to my at the time bf telling me about the time he peed himself at the haunted forest. youll get a lot of interesting info on ur squeeze and get a chance to talk justy as much as him~ just make sure u are prepared to answer the question u ask!!!! good luck!

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