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I have a problem. My ex boyfriend is in the air force. We were together on again/ off again for about 11 months, and broke up a month before he left. He has been gone for 3 months and we finally started to talk again. I love him with all my heart and miss him more than anything, but he wont be home for at least 3 years, he only has about 2 weeks a year to come home. I want to be with him, but i dont know if just talking to him on the phone every now n again will be strong enough to help us last. Im only 19, but I want to be with him for the long haul. What should I do, tell him i want to be with him, or just be his best friend and not bog him down with a long-distance thing????? HELP!!! [/img]

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im with goofy on this one. there are stadistics and realities; things that can't be hidden and have to be made clear. he is not saying the relationship can't last. in fact, he mentioned that there are always exceptions. in the midst of wrongness only 2% follow the correct stuff. goofy may or may not be a saint in the case... the thing is, we dont care! cause we're responding to the post at hand. so if it's for the long haul be sure of it. love is a compromising thing. and long distance relationships are anything but easy... if you get to think about it, there is no easy relationship. so take some time to talk these issues over with your partner and have faith. good luck!

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