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How much time?


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How much time depends on what happened, and the attitudes and personalities involved. There is simply not one answer to that.


I will add, though, that it requires not just time, but effort from both sides. As the offending party, you certainly can't just sit back and wait for him to "get over it". It requires your active participation to make things better, and his active effort to forgive what happened.

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Did you confront him with this new information that you found?


Does he know YOU post here?


Yes I did confront him about it and yet he expects me to just simply forget about about that he still wants to be with me. He basically tells me that I deserve it. I don't see how can this be work out if he's unwilling to put his effort. Not until he acknowledges his mistake then will I consider working it out.


I assume he doesn't know I post here but I seen his post somewhere in here. His version of the story is true but now he's also the loser as well. Yes I did cry and beg but it's not like I force him to take me back. If he was going to go low as I did, he could have save both his and mine time and move on with his life.

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