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My mum found a lump in her breast


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Last thursday my mum told me she has a lump in her breast! my obvious response was to cry. ALOT! every night since i have cried and regretted every time i have thrown stuff back in her face. i have never been the best behaved teenager neither has my brother or older sister! 11 years ago she left my dad with nuthin but her car and me, my brother and older sister! She got a job behind a bar to feed us and house us! We were poor we had nothing. And now shes has a university degree another daughter a nice car and house!! Without my mum i would be lost and the pain my brother and sisters are going through is unbelieveable!! im sorry if this doesnt make sense i just want to be heard! i want everyone to know that i love my mum with every cell in my body! I dont understand why the good people die young!


Im not a religious person infact i think that god and jesus dont and have never exististed but i pray to god to help my mum. All i want is for my mum to see her children happy and i want to see her happy more than anything in the world! I still cant get it into my head that my mum has cancer! its not like tv shows or anything anymore. this is real and i dont think i can live without my mum. She is the kindest person you will ever meet and she always goes out of her way for others! 9 years ago my mum went 2 weeks without eating just so me my brother and sister could have presents to open and food to eat on christmas! I love you mum and you will always be in my heart!

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Hi and welcome to enotalone. I'm glad that you found us. I saw your post here,

gave you your own thread so you would get some personalized responses.


Your mom sounds like a wonderful woman, and a very strong person. If the lump that she found turns out to be cancerous, she may be able to fight cancer and make a full recovery. So don't assume it's a death sentence. I know you are scared, but there is indeed hope. There are a lot of survivors out there.


No matter what, you should tell your mom exactly what you told us in your post. I'm sure she will appreciate it. You sound like a wonderful son. Hang in there,



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There are no atheist in the foxhole.

If you pray to Him in a time of need, then you do believe. Good for you.


My mother was diagnosed w/breast cancer at a young age of 45. She underwent chemo and radiation. It wasn't easy but w/the help of God she overcame the cancer. She's been cancer free for over 6 yrs now. She's better then ever.


Your mother may not have cancer. I found a lump last yr, it was benign. Its good that she checks herself. That's how my mother found her's. Keep faith that your mother is ok. Let her get checked to see if its cancer first. Medicine today is amazing. My grandmother, my great aunt, my mother and my aunt are ALL cancer SURVIVORS.

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I am SO sorry to hear. and hearing ur post made me cry!!!!!!cause i know how u feel!! i have gone through the same think with my mom but luckly the doc's say it's not cancer..... this is (and i know)one of the hardest things and feeling one might face in there life!!!! the poss. of a family member not being around but my advise to u is try to stay strong for ur family and mom....spend every poss. waking moment with her and when the time is right be sure to have open communication with everyone in the family believe me it WILL help!


im here for you!!!!!!

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Looks like you posted originally on my thread


As you probably know from that one, my mum was diagnosed with Stage III breast cancer December 1, 2005 (two years yesterday!)- lobular carcinoma - large tumour- and also was positive in 19 of 20 nodes removed. She has had 10 rounds of chemo, a double mastectomy, 6 weeks of radiation and is on tamoxifen at this time.


I want to say...the diagnosis part and the early parts where you don't know what is going on is the WORST part. Things get better. Treatment is amazing. My mum was given a terminal diagnosis but two years out she is doing WONDERFUL - she just got back from a trip to Mexico too and has been traveling all over the place - has worked through treatment and still dances, runs, rides her bike....it will always be a day-to-day thing and it can take a downturn anytime, but I appreciate every moment we DO have.


LUMPS are MOST OFTEN not cancerous. One must ALWAYS get them checked but most often they are cysts or fibroids. So don't panic yet, okay? It won't be good for you or her to do so!


Best case scenario is that it is not cancerous - a cyst or tumour - not as best is that it is a small, small tumour and local (90%+ recovery rate) - worst case is it is Stage IV where it has spread to other sites. In all cases, there is amazing treatment, and recovery. Even where it has spread women can live for years with proper care.


Check out link removed. Also, what helped for me was getting involved in fundraising (i.e running in the Run for the Cure/Race for the Cure) and so on. Makes you feel you are DOING something, ya know?

Be there to support her and love her.....things will be okay. As strange as it is, you find something like this can bring you closer together than ever.

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Hey man, it's probably not even anything.


My mom had a tumor down there near her cervix ( i think ) and they removed it. And this was 4 months ago and everything with her is perfect. All she has that's imperfection is a big white scar line accross her stomache.


I wish the best for you, your family and your mom

Good luck

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