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Met an old friend from HS.... :o) *UPDATE*

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We finally exchanged numbers and we had our first date & our first kiss April 28th...the rest is history.I now know by my feelings this is what it feels like to actually BE IN LOVE with someone,it is unlkie anything I have ever felt before(I know this is everlasting and eternal).Now 9 months later(and counting) I am more in love with her than ever before,each day it grows stonger.we now consider ourselves married (in our eyes,our hearts & our souls) we are fully committed in a monogamous faithful relationship and we are happily looking towards the future in sharing a lifetime together.My life has changed in the best possible ways I am truly blessed to have the life I have and to have found the love of my life.My life today is now enjoyable,happy and filled with love and I now want to experiance everything it has to offer with my soulmate right beside me.



I really know true love happens…When least expected,Sometimes at an unwanted or undesirable time …But I have found... usually when most needed..


Thanks for reading...maybe it will give someone hope somewhere.



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