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Suffering a slow allergy hell


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I'm not sure what to do, it seems like my potential outlook is heading downhill. I live with family and they have two big dogs. I am very badly allergic. (I went in for an allergy test and I am allergic to everything but grass, the spot they * * * * * you for dogs became a huge welt looking thing, well over a level five and was unbelievably irritating the rest of the day) Before I was laid off I was barely able to afford the medicine I needed, every month the singulair and fexofenadine totalled over three hundred dollars, which was equivalant to two paychecks- about half of what I made every month. (I had a scam insurance plan at the time, so that didn't help at all.)


Now I'm between jobs, my medicine is about to run out and it's getting worse. I usually keep my room very clean, dusted and vaccuumed as a "sanctuary" away from the allergens in the house. With the winter heat on it blows the allergens into my room through the ventillation system. No matter how much I clean, as soon as the heat turns on I'm blasted with dander filled air. I've tried closing the vent, but it blows through the cracks where the unit doesn't fit perfectly with the wall. Allergens make my throat itch (leading me to wake up with a bloody sinus), and also leave me feeling exhausted even if I've slept a full night, which is why I was put on the medication. Obviously being exhausted can cause a lot of trouble when trying to better yourself through going to school.


(Antiallergens solving allergies is kind of like when all the barn animals escape from the barn you catch all the chickens but ignore the other animals and call the situation solved. Basically even on meds you still have problems, but have covered up some of the symptoms. So I feel it hit harder when the vent blows the dander in my room.)


I do not have the option of getting rid of the dogs, not my house. Don't have the option of leaving; first of all I'm between jobs so I have no money, even when I do have a job it will be part time because I'm trying to better myself by going to college. Not enough to move out, and part time means no insurance (so are the student jobs I would qualify for). The only relitives I could hypothetically move in with have dogs I'm allergic to as well. I try to dander proof my room but every time that darn heater turns on it puts my efforts to waste, I've been tempted to shove a towl or something in the vent, I'm just worried that would be a fire hazard.


It's going to be much worse when my medication runs out. I have no idea how I'm going to get a refill when I'm barely making ends meet as it is. Maybe there's some government program I don't know about, I wish there was. Once my medication runs out I'm a "zombie" and my throat constatnly burns, and it's near impossible to concintrate with allergens clouding my brain. It's horrible, that's how it was before I was put on my meds, then things got better, mostly, once I was diagnosed. I'm not sure how I'll keep a job or concentrate on school when those symptoms come back.


Any ideas/suggestions/help?


I hope so, thanks!

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you can buy or make a filter to place over the vent that goes to your room.


Probably the quickest/cheapest way to do that would be to purchase a furnace filter (one of those really good, allergen trapping kinds) and cut it to fit the vent.


Are you in the states? If so, some formerly prescription-only allergy meds are now available over the counter....some are even available under a generic or store brand so they are cheaper. Have you tried any of them?


There are also room-size HEPA filters you can get. Perhaps your parents could help you with purchasing one.

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I don't think your parents understand the severity of your problem! My sister is slightly allergic to our dogs and my mom tries very hard to keep her room clean and the dogs aren't allowed near her room.


Like the posters before said, try generic drugs and filters. Ask your parents for help. I had allergy shots for very many years, and while the test showed I was allergic to dogs and cats, I have no problems around either. I know allergy shots are freakin expensive, but when you look for a new insurance (that ISN"T a scam) see if you can find one that includes allergy shots.


Again, ask your parents for help. Maybe wear a surgical mask and sneeze all over the dinner table until they get the point.

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I also had very good results with allergy shots.


The thing with allergy shots though is that you have to be consistent about getting them (2x a week to start, then 1x a week, etc.) and it typically takes a LONG time to get results. (We're talkin' YEARS)


I started allergy shots in 1992. Did them for a squeak over 10 years. Now I only need to take allergy meds (OTC ones at that) in the spring for a few weeks when things start blooming.

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where do you live? in the U.S. Claritin (loratadine) is sold without a prescription at drug stores. it is a once a day pill and not expensive compared to prescription drugs, probably $30 per month or thereabouts.


it works by suppressing the allergic reaction before it starts, rather than treating the symptoms after it starts.


it is impossible to totally dander proof a house with animals living in it... you may not be able to move this minute, but need to make plans to move as soon as possible to somewhere without whatever you are allergic to...


you should be able to find some situation where there are no pets and you can share a house or apt. if you are perpetually ill should be taking care of your health first, and adjusting your life as necessary. you can always drop back to part time school if you need to find a fulltime job to support yourself.

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