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I don't have much time left...


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Hi, in my school there's this one girl who i like a lot...I would never want a proper relationship though. The problem is, i'm to shy. Sometimes in class she asks me where a certain folder is on the Computer, and i show her. I get a little nervous there, but i do it. The real problem is starting a conversation. She knows i'm shy, because she said she'd help me 'break out'...Not directly to me of course. She says bye, and i reply with bye...I keep trying to be the first one to say bye, but i just freeze...Any advice? I've been told by a lot of people i have very low confidence...Also, i can't even say her name...Even though it's common.


I only have 6 months left however, she leaves then. I really need to tell her thank you, somehow...Thanks

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Sometimes you have to say Fu*k it and just do it. I can only tell you that you have only yourself holding you back. I would just go up to her and get it off my chest. If you don't then you will never know what could of happened. Just go for it man you have nothing to lose at all. You can't cry over something that never was ment to be and you will never know unless you try.


I have to say "GO FOR IT!!!!"



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Next time she comes up to you for something to do with the computer (I would imagine), say something like "Hi, how's it going.", or "So, what's new." They'll give her an opportunity to say something if she wants, and it will give you a touch more confidence in that you've said something to her.


Try not to over think and over analyze. It's hard not to be nervous sometimes, but just keep telling yourself you'll only be treating her exactly the same as you'd be treating one of your guy friends.

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Whoa, thats great news john22. Waiting is never going to help with your shyness. Get to where you can look her in the eyes. Practice on other people when you are talking to them. Eye contact with any girl is important. Learn to do it. Start saying hi to her every day. Saying hi everyday is more powerful then you think and it takes no effort on your part.


I think you need to start adding 'break out' to your vocabulary. Keep us updated I think she's not done with you yet.

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A lot of the advice that the others have posted are pieces of advice that I heard back in junior high and high school also...so go for it my friend, what do you have to lose? if she says no, she says no, if you wait to long to ask her then you might regret it later. Good luck!

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Hi, thanks for your replies. Well i continue to reply to her and things, i get shy though...If someone jokes around insulting me in class, she tells them to stop it...Which makes me feel VERY embarrased. But i accidentally said bye first today...


I thought SHE said bye, but i misheard her talking to someone. So i said bye...And she replied with bye. Hopefully when the weekend is over i can do it without it being on accident...If anyone can give me tips on how to make myself say bye, and if you think it'll be easier now i 'said' it., please reply

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Hey, i have an update.


I haven't said bye sadly, but some strange things are happening. Thursday, her friend grins at me on the way out. Friday, the girl i'm trying to say bye too wasn't in. Her friend tried to look at me without me looking...Then, strangely, she said bye and grinned AGAIN. I don't like how it's behind her back...


Some people i have talked to online think she just likes me, and some thing the two have had a 'chat' which ended up with the girl i'm trying to say bye to admitting she likes me, and her friend is trying to come after me before she gets me...I'm not getting my hopes up though

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