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Make-up brand!


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I'm looking to restart my make-up set from scratch. Mostly because some of it has been lying around for a while and i know it's a good source of bacteria!

What brands do you use that are best? or are there any specific products you recommend?

Most of the stuff I have right now is cheap pharmacy stuff like l'Oreal, Cover Girl, Maybeline etc...

I did get the portfolio color wheel from Lise Watier today but I was hesitant to spend a lot more without knowing where to go =)

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Haha, I love L'Oreal....and for me it was a much-needed upgrade from Maybelline, which I had been using since I was 16. LOL!! So I'm probably not the best source of advice.


I do have friends who swear by Clinique and MAC, though. Also Bare Escentuals, though it's kind of pricy. I do think it lasts for a while, though, especially since it's powder-based.

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Make-up is one thing that is worth spending more on. A bottle of foundation will last a long time (I've had the same one for 1.5 years and it's nowhere close to finished.) It's the first thing people see when they look at you and you (presumably) use it on a daily basis. Why not get something good?


My favorite brands are chanel, Lise Watier, Estée Lauder and Dior.


foundation - chanel (pro-lumier. This stuff works like magic.)

mascara - Lise Watier and Estée Lauder (they are light and don't glob)

lipstick - Dior

eyeshadow - Dior

eye pencil - chanel

powder - chanel

IMO, the best lip gloss you will ever find is pure vitamin E. I empty out lipgloss containers and fill them with vitamin E. It's so beautiful and good for your lips.


My favorite blush is actually rimmel.

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hmmm.. but what if it looks just as good as it did the day I bought it and I don't have any problem with acne?


(I'm really curious because I don't want to have to sink another $50 when my current foundation seems fine.)


What about blush and powder and lipstick? same deal?

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I clean my brushes and chuck stuff regularly. My eye lash crimper just got a lovely trip to sterilization town. I never buy mascara, my friend at the Estée Lauder counter always gives me the mini sample size, which are the perfect size for the recommended shelf life for mascara. I think they put way too much make-up in containers and charge too much, I've never used all of a product before it got to toss time.

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The make-up expiry is the reason I wanted to change it in the first place =) I think I've had my mascara for over 2 years... I always end up doing the same thing then throwing it out because I get an eye infection. It's always the worst thing EVER!!!

You can keep your mascara for up to 6 months if you are cheap, but it's the item with the least shelf life.

My foundation never lasts that long, I'm always changing it... also due to Canadian seasons (tan in summer, pale in winter).


I have normal skin (no acne problems). Although I don't use make-up everyday right now mostly because I know it's so old! I usually do neutral shades in the day (browns/tans etc...) and sometimes a bit more poppy with my eyes at night. I'm not all that big on lipstick but that's also because I really haven't found a shade to suit me! Maybe my lips aren't the right shape for it either?


We do have a MAC in the mall that opened 6 months ago so I was thinking of checking it out. Are the prices the same ones as on the website? (Just to know before I get a heart attack)

I do have a few friends that swear by the MAC line though

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