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where did it go wrong? how do i get her back if


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I was with this girl i have liked for at least 7 years, though we were just good friends.We went to the fair with some friends and got together more intimatley and were doing so good, once we hooked up the relationship was doing ok, then it just fell part. We didnt have any arguments but she just said maybe we should be friends. But the problem is(or was) we liked each other very much. where did it go wrong?????how do i get her back if i like her too much for friendship and she still likes me????


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I understand your problem. You described it very well. It IS possible that friends work out together better than being in a relationship. It happened to me. I knew this girl and she was very nice and all that. We explored our feelings, but I got hurt, because she didn't want to devote more time to me in a relation, which I (naturally) expect. I wanted to talk to her more often privately ... keep her for myself for longer periods. Of course I didn't have those needs in a friendship.


We're friends again after not talking for a while. We can face each other again and have a BIG ball over things. We still 'love' each other and that feels great.


You see: things can have a funny turn in life. I hope this helped.


~ SwingFox ~

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