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Birth Control Pill


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I was wondering what the effects will be...


My GF takes her pill everyday at the same time (3PM) sometimes maybe 3:30ish if she forgets...Well sunday she forgot to take it and didn't realize until 7:00PM and then took it then(4 hours late).


Very unlikely that you have anything to be worried about. Though it can happen even when a woman is on the pill and takes it every day at the same time, there's still a chance. There's always a chance.

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If it's a combined pill (has both estrogen and progestin in it) likely she does not need worry. Generally a pill is not considered "missed" until it is 12 hours late (though of course it can still mean it throws you off). It affects mucous, lining, prevents ovulation so there are more "barriers" to overcome.


If it's a mini-pill (just a progestin of some form) you MUST take it within the same time EVERY time as even an hour or two late can mean it loses effectiveness. It only affects mucous, lining and does not stop ovulation. Much easier to get pregnancy accidentally on that one obviously.

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She takes some like levonelle thing or something to that effect. How would I find out if its a combined or not? Would it say on the packaging?


I didn't finish inside of her, but I did have sex with her 3 times last night without peeing in between or anything. She had just gotten over her period yesterday.


And you said it may lose effectiveness...Does it lose effectiveness for the WHOLE month or just a few days till everything gets back in the swing of things?

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