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Ex has been calling since his breakup....


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We met up yesterday and even went for a movie...I was very casual and cool, didn't show any signs that I still had some feelings for him....He's been constantly calling since he broke up with his Ex, I don't attend all his calls tho, just some.......I can see that he's goin thru a lot of pain, but I am not too sure if I shud reach out to him and be there for him....I sometimes hold myself back....Am I being selfish ? I still want him back, but I need him to come back to me on his own, if he realises I loved him or he has any feelings left.....I am thinkin of goin back to NC...wise decision ?

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hmmm... do you think you could stick to NC if he calls??? I'm not sure you could. (don't worry - I couldn't either!)


I would LC. Meet on occasion... take some of the calls but not all. Don't be so eager to return his call.


I know you must be in a whirlwind of confusion... you thought he'd never call!

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