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She has pain during intercourse


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All of a sudden my GF became very sensitive and intercourse was painful for her. We have been having sex for months, and this has never been an issue. When I penetrated her, she complained that I was hurting her, and I wasn't even inside of her that deep. Anyone have ideas what can cause this (my first thought was that maybe she had been irritated from previous sex)?

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Is she having any other symptoms? Like itching or discharge? She may have a vaginal infection...like a yeast infection or bacterial infection. They're common (and annoying) problems that are easily treated.


Best bet is to have her set up an appointment with her gyno or a women's health clinic to get checked out.

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When i first started having sex i didnt have this problem. Then i got a slight infection and kept having sex (i was such a fool) That was 4 years ago, and to this day i still have pains on the first penetration, every single time.

Although now the pain has lost its intensity gradually and has almost gone away completely now, i was informed by my obgyn that it was a mental thing, i was tensing up as a reflex because of the past expirience and thats why it hurt.

But she should get examined by her Dr. asap so you can know for sure what the case is.

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reed, your theory is beyond silly. It's absurd. Why would she be so sore from cheating, but not having sex with you?


Really be careful of such assumptions.


It sounds like he figures the other guy was a heck of a lot bigger than he was. Thats the only explanation. OP? Is that what you meant?

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I have a tendency to er... Tear. I guess it comes from being so tiny and past guys who weren't. And now, I'm a little more prone to tenderness every once in a while.


Sometimes though, sudden soreness can just be from a too-sharp jab at the wrong angle or something equally as simple. Or from being too tense and tightening muscles too much. Or from the condoms (I have latex sensitivity).


There are a lot of reasons. Advise her to get checked out. But in your case, I'd advise that you didn't worry. =)

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