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A little bible for the shy ones...


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I was terribly shy until the end of high-school - the reason was the bad reputation of my father and it's an awful combination if you go to school in a small town with less than 2000 people - my first teachers in school thought that I was just like my father - dumb, so I was always forced in school to "shut my mouth" and told that I was worth nothing... Shyness is never something you have since birth, try to find the reason why you're shy first, and think what you can do to about it... At the end of high-school I had already enough strenght to make intelligent fun with the teachers who verbally abused me, I've always been a comedian already at the kindergarten, I started talking at the age of 1 (the first one so early in our whole family tree), so why can't I just blow away all the things that caused my shyness, so I just started to talk - my very first teacher has such a stupid son who nearly got thrown out of school very early, my first sports teacher has no teeth/stinks and is a heavy drinker - every action causes a reaction, you should realize that their families are the result of what they have thought about others... I had a big laugh at the very end of school where it turned out that I was one of the smartest - quite the opposite of what those fools said, lol... I wish I had seen the faces of those stupid teachers when the whole school knew me as a fun guy at the prom, I had achieved something GREAT!!!


And then there is the interest in girls - I WAS a complete looser... Sure they've shown interest in me, but I didn't knew anything about talking to them... During grade 10 (we have 12 years to spend in school from about the ages 6-18, dunno how it's in other countries), I was so shy that I didn't attend theatre classes that were obligatory... They wanted to throw me out of school after I had'nt attended, but after a few discussions with the principal I was sent to a little art club where a few girls and I were sitting and painting,drawing on evenings instead... That was the time when I realized that I was worth more than the few guys who attended that course for a short while - they were talking useless crap all the time while the girls tied themselves to me because I talked more phylosophical things with the girls and they were such great human beings!!!


I won't tell more details further, lately I fought my egoism, if I talk to a girl, I always show interest in what she's doing and how she feels... They love me...


Good luck everybody!!! Just STOP DOING THE FOLLOWING THINGS: telling yourself that you're worth nothing, thinking that girls will hate you no mattter what you do, thinking that you'll fail, thinking that you're some kind of rare species who's meant to be alone, thinking that you're the only one who's depressed, thinking that you don't have a future, etc.

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Thank you for sharing your story. I am a shy person and for a long time I thought this was just the way I was/am. My therapist helped me figure out my problem. Coming from years on my parents telling me, "I was never gonna be nothing", and never being allowed to have feelings or an opinion. It really is messed up hearing those things from people that you look up to for love and support.


I have been trying to overcome my shyness. I still haven't quite geotten there yet, but I am trying.


I like your post, thanks for sharing.

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