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What Should I Ask For?

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I have posted previously, that I was considering to return to my former employer and see if I could be rehired. We have scheduled a meeting to discuss this possibility. I know that one of the points that may come up will be salary. I worked for the company for two years without a raise, however I received generous commissions on the work that I did.


Now that I have come "crawling back", I would like to earn more money (although I left on good terms, I did prove myself previously and my base salary should reflect this), but I also don't want to expect too much from them. Isn't it enough that I am asking to return? Plus, I am asking for a slight schedule change in that one day I need to leave an hour and half early. I will of course make this time up on other days, but I do feel like it is an additional request.


On one hand, I think they are delighted to have me return and would (within reason) honor a small salary raise and time constraint. On the other hand, they didn't fill the position, because there was a small slump in business and they were waiting until it picked up with the start of the new quarter (the new year).


I want to be fair to myself, I want to be fair to a company who has always been good to me, and I don't want to risk them changing their minds concerning my return. Any advice?

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