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Help; how do you distinguish interest from friendliness?


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I just don't understand women at all. I have no ability to distinguish whether a girl is interested in me, or just being friendly. None. I would almost go as far as to say that my guess is exactly opposite, but then even that's not true.


It used to just be a nuisance, but now it's kinda starting to hurt. I'm told after the fact about how I've hurt several girls' feelings, and at the same time I'm hurting my own feelings and confidence, and wasting my time.


Honestly, I am at ground zero here. Is there any advice whatsoever you can offer to distinguish interest from friendliness?


And if it helps, the context I'm meeting most girls is in class, at work, or at our university's ballroom dance nights. I don't party or go to bars, or anything like that.

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I think people move at different paces and have different levels of "trust". Some people are more reserved at first. I know I like to start off "friendly" because I'm a bit guarded, and keep flirting to a minimum. I've also in the past let the guy do all the pursuing in order to "preserve" myself (trying to change this, though, and be more direct). I think like ghost69 said - make a move. This means: be direct, ask her out, and if she's receptive, there's your answer.

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