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She made me meat loaf, turned me down once but now...


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So anyway I have had my eye on this girl in my class at college for a while now. Ever since the first day of class.

What makes this so interesting is that the first couple weeks I asked her out for coffee (9/?) and she accepted and we hung out that time which went well. I asked her for her phone number and she asked me for mine. Then as I remember later she asked me for my number again when she got a new phone (although that may be irrelevant who knows).

So more than a couple of weeks go by as I talk to her every class day during the breaks of class and Ive got to know her a lot better even though I haven't asked her out since the first coffee outing. But as time went on I started to actively tease and flirt with her. For instance, Tuesday she told me about how good of a cook she was and of course I jokingly doubted her cooking skills at how good of a meat loaf that she could make. I kept going on and on actively teasing her about doubting her cooking and of course she knew I was joking and kept giggling about it as usual and she said "Ill make you meat loaf to prove to you that I'm a good cook". Now with me, I thought if that to be nothing more than a joke and I never expected much out of it but the sweetest/funniest thing happened Thursday. As she walks into class she hands me a plate covered in foil with meat loaf in it. I never thought that she would actually do it, but she did. Even though I teased her about it she actually made me meat loaf.

What does this all mean even though I have been as lazy as Fred Thompson in inviting her out places. I mean for someone to go out of their way to prove that they make good meatloaf to someone like me is also pretty crazy. I am extremely interested in her (and have been for a while) but is she that into me is the question. Although I talk to her a lot in class I still question if its all worth chasing after?


One note: since she got me meatloaf I considered and asked her if she would like to get coffee, but she said she needed to go home sounded legitimate but of course you can never be to sure.


This is also a follow up of a previous post a month ago.***


The day she made me meat loaf I asked her out again but said she was busy. (10/16 or 18??)


She semi-invited me for thanksgiving since I wasnt doing anyhitng but said, "I'd invite you over to have thnaksgiving with me and my family, but my family is crazy". So I didnt go. Since really in a sense I wasnt really invited.



I asked her if she'd like to go out after finals last week (12/13) and she said "yes we should". Though the second time I asked her out I am a little puzzled why she didnt say yes, but I think I may have a more legitimate shot at it. For tomorrow, what should I do? I really like this girl and sometimes I feel she is sending mixed signals.


What do all of you think?


**This is a follow-up of two previous posts.

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Sounds like she maybe confused about what she wants. I've found that sometimes the teasing does not work. I've teased this girl and it seems that she doesn;t resond to it. Some people like to be teased some do not it depends on the person. The girl I like right now seems like she doesn't like to be teased.

She may have been trying to prove soemthing to you. OR just doing it to make you funny i do not know cause i was not there.

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Well guys, its no longer an issue anymore. The date went well and she does like me. I guess It took a little time and some trial and error. For the most part this issue is no longer an issue. The night ended with a nice kiss and now anything can happen. Thanks guys for all you help and encouragement, it all helped me a great deal. It's people like you who make a difference in people's lives.


~Fin é~

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