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Need some help :( please


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alright, here i am again... there is this girl, alot of guys might say shes nothing "hot" but in my eyes shes the cutest thing i have ever seen. Shes normal, and down to earth not one of those wanna be blonde girly girls. Here comes the but. I have never really talked to her, i made her giggle now and then in classes, even tho i didnt mean to. I dont goto the same school anymore, i only see her sometimes when i go back to my old school to visit my friends. How would i start up a conversation with her? or get to notice me? Its not as easy as people make it sound, i get butterflies when i see her and look away. Im not really shy only with this girl! HELP!

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Alright- I am going to try and help you the best I can.The butterflies are cool but you need to release them. I say next time you talk to her suck it up and start conversation. Ask her if she remembers you from classes you two had together. Ask about her school ....jobs.....life! Anything if your this crazy about her don't let her pass by. If it's not success atleast you can't say you didn't try.

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Hey, relax! If you've already made her giggle, that's a point on your side.


You might want to think of some things ahead of time to ask her or talk to her about, so you don't have a totally blank mind when you see her. You can even practice catching her attention. Picture her coming your way, take a deep breath to relax yourself, catch her eye if possible and say hey, what's up. Whatever you do, don't startle her or else she'll get nervous.


I think sometimes we put pressure on ourselves by setting goals way too high. Set a small goal, like just saying hi at work and maybe talking for a minute. Keep doing it till it's comfortable. Then it'll lead to talking longer.


Good luck!

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sounds good but, like i said before i dont really know her at all, neither does she know me at all... i think. I used to joke around with some of her male friends now and then but i dont think thats anything. but yah, its not like we are buddies or anything, its almost like going up and talking to a stranger


comon people help me

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