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100 (yes 100) things to do instead of contact your ex!

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OK OK, I'm dwelling on this whole thing too much I realise. But it's hard when you still love someone! I thought I would make a list of things to do instead of contacting your ex. For all the hurting NCers out there. I hope it may help a little, give you ideas, and bring some laughter!


1 Post on ENA!! (DUH)

2 Post on another forum

3 Visit a happy site such as link removed ...some fun stuff on there to do!

4 Read some jokes...or make up your own

5 Vist link removed (maybe nota ctually use the ideas..but hey you can read them and have a good chuckle imagening it. I sure did.)

6 Build your own forum or website

7 Read a good long book

8 Write a story - maybe a fantasy story about getting revenge!

9 Write a poem

10 Write in a journal

11 Write a letter/email to your ex, getting EVERYTHING off your chest. Just DONNOT send it!!! It will make you feel better to get it off of your chest.

12 Have an imagenary convo with your ex.......to yourself.....

13 Punch a pillow to let out your frustration and anger

14 Talk to your pets about how you feel...hey, they won't judge you and tell you to "shut up and move on already"!

15 Cuddle and talk to a stuffed animal...same reasoning applies

16 Pretend your a kid again and play with some action figures!

17 Put on some HAPPY music that will lift your spirits

18 Or put on some angry music you can yell along to

19 Make up a stupid dance routine, pratice it in the mirror, until you fall to the ground in laughter

20 Strip down to your underwear, put on some cool shades, grab a broom and use it as your guitar. Pretend you are on stage and you are your favourite rockstar.

21 Look in the mirror and make silly faces at yourself

22 Look in the mirror and practive your best Elvis impression...hey, why not?

23 Play a board/computer/video game

24 Watch a ridicolous TV show (such as Jerry Springer, and chant "Steve Steve Steve"

25 Watch a movie (preferbly a comedy)

26 Imagine you are a millionaire - fantasise about what you would do with the money

27 Daydream about your favourite celeb - marrying them, kissing them, making love to them - whatever!!

28 Look at old photos (But NOOOOTTT of your ex!!!!)

29 Babysit

30 Walk a dog

31 Wash your car (or offer to wash sombody else's)

32 Tidy your house top to bottom! (very lame, but it will take up a lot of time and won't cause heartache!)

33 Go for a drive

34 Go for a cycle

35 Get together with your family and friends for a pic nic or a BBQ

36 Bake me some cookies!

37 Cook yourself your favourite mean. Or a friend/family member their fave

38 Jump up and down ont he spot (why ever not?)

39 Time how long it takes you to go through the alphabet

40 GET YOUR BODY MOVING AND EXERCISE! It's a natural anti-depressant

41 Take a long bath/shower and RELAX

42 Meditate

43 Mas..............ate

44 Call or text a friend (if it is a mutual friend avoid talk of your ex if you can)

45 Invite a friend round to eat a tub of Ben & Jerry's while you complain about the opposite sex (a favourite amongst many femals especially!)

46 Remind yourself WHY you are doing NC and write it down.When you get the urge to break it - read it over and over until you have convinced yourself

47 Write down a list of why your ex is lame!

48 Write down a list of why you are awesome!

49 Go out shopping and treat yourself to some new clothes/shoes/haircut

50 Get all dressed up and feel great about yourself

51 Put on make-up ... or help somebody else with theirs

52 Get a friend round, buy some face-paint and have a load of fun!

53 Draw a comedy picture of your ex...make it as funny and insulting as you can

54 Tickle yourself until you laugh

55 Dress up ad a woman/man (it may prove amusing!)

56 Repeat "she sells seashells on the sea shore" as quickly as you can

57 Walk down the street with your head held high, smile at people and say "hi!" no matter how bad you feel. It will soon make you feel better, and it may well brighten up somebody else's day also

58 Give to charity/a homless person

59 Remind yourself that there are people in this world who are going through a MUCH harder time than you, and at least your situation WILL pass.

60 Make a list of 10 (realistic) things you want to do before you die, and DO THEM. Or at least start to

61 Go out and get wasted! (but not so wasted that you call your ex...tut.)

62 Dream up your perfect man/woman. No that's not your ex...your perfect partner wouldn't leave you!!

63 Give somebody a compliment, it will make you feel good, and them also of course

64 Plant some flowers

65 Raid your fridge and pig out!

66 Go to a public place, watch the people around you, and wonder what thier life is like and what they are thinking

67 Take a nap

68 Burn something (but be safe of course)

69 If you have children...take them somewhere magical that they, or you will never forget

70 Play, or learn to play, a musical instrument

71 Take up a new sport

72 Dye your hair or get highlights!

73 Pretned you are your own best friend and give yourself a prep talk

74 Make up a puppet show and show somebody! (esp. good if you have kids in the family )

78 Skip with a rope - great exersise

79 Flip a coin - heads you don't contact your ex - tails you don't contact your ex

80 Make up a comedy nursery rhyme/christmas carol...make it naughty!!

81 Paint a room

82 Rearrange your furnature (esp. good if you and your ex lived together...you are making a fresh start)

83 Write out a script to a play, and act it out...with yourself and the mirror!!

84 Play air guitar while jumping up-and-down on your bed and headbanging

85 Go on a date! But only if you're sure you are ready. Hey, it's just a bit of fun you don't have to marry the person!

86 Get out and FLIRT!!

87Get a colouring book and...well...colour

88 Learn a new language...or at least some words/phrases

89 Look in the mirror and tell yourself you are going to be okay. over and over again until you mean it! Repeat as often as possible.

90 Get a tattoo/peircing. But please not your ex's name! Ha.

91 Sew

92 Knit

93 Make funny noises with your mouth

94 See how many different words you can burp out! (I love doing that lmao)

95 Cry and scream! There's nothing wrong with it. Just make sure you don't do it for too long. Get it over with then do something more productive!

96 Educate yourself on your flaws...look it up and see how you can work on it. eg. jealousy.

97 Lay on your bed and bounce a bouncy ball off your wall. That is so fun.

98 Make a list of things to do instead of contacting your ex

99 Go to a deserted island!

100 Saw off your arms and legs! That should do it.


Have fun.

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Adorable. Thanks for typing it out.


Here are my personal favorites that I do all the time... some of them are the same as yours:


1. Call your mother. Really, she'll love to hear from you.

2. Call your sister. Really, she'll love it that her big sister is paying attention to her.

3. Call your elderly relative. REALLY, they'll be thrilled that someone from the younger generation values them.

4. Better still, visit an elderly relative. They have an invaluable perspective on what's really important in life.

5. Knit or crochet

6. Search the internet for bands that you've never heard of but might like; listen to samples of their music

7. Bake treats for your co-workers and neighbors

8. Lift weights

9. Go hiking

10. Go kayaking

11. Go rock climbing

12. Rent a movie

13. Have some friends over your house to play a board game

14. Get dressed up and go out to dinner with your girlfriends

15. Visit a museum

16. Write in your journal

17. Handwrite a letter to an old friend

18. Find a blog on a subject that interests you; subscribe to it

19. Wander around the local library

20. Write out a list of all of the reasons why you're better off without your ex

21. Write out a list of the characteristics you'll look for in your next partner (build on what you've learned from your past relationships)

22. Garden

23. Search for new recipes that you'd like to try

24. Post an ad on craigslist in the platonic section for new activity partners (you'd be surprised how many lonely people there are out there!)

25. Sit in a coffee shop with a book on philosophy and people watch

26. If you've got a dog, take him for a walk. If you don't, call a friend with a dog and ask to take the dog for a walk.

27. Do a home spa. Paint your nails, shave your legs, soak in the bath, do a facial, etc. Guys too!


Those are just the ones off the top of my head... what about other people? What do you do to make yourself feel better and/ or to keep busy?

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I think this list is wonderful.


Successfully going NC is just all about distracting yourself enough that you dont physically pick up the phone, or get on the comp and email or whatever.


Whenever you go and pick up the phone, just think "I could be doing something else at this moment" Maybe think , its OK that I want to ring, I can want to do it as much as I want, thats normal. I am just not going to physically do it.


I would start at the top of the list and do each one each time I even thought about calling.

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Nice one


I think it's a really good idea for people to write out their own list, or take things from mine. There's so many things we can all do...no matter how little. We know the feeling of desperation will pass. Sure it'll be back again, but it doesn't last all day and night. As long as you are doing something, even if it is just posting on here, that urge will go away.


lol, my personal favourite is:


Flip a coin - heads you don't contact your ex - tails you don't contact your ex


I cracked myself up I have to admit


Thanks for the replies people.

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Yeah Changing teams would really take your mind off it!!!! LOL


Ok, then, for the guys:

Take a long hot shower, take your time shaving, style your hair differently, trim your nails and use a nail brush, etc.




Flip a coin - heads you don't contact your ex - tails you don't contact your ex


Haha... that's my sense of humor, too!



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OMGGGGG....AngryHeart this put me in the best mood ever!! I especially love #43...I'm better in bed than he ever was! Let me add a few...


1. Start a band!

2. Join a club

3. Take yourself out on a date!

4. Buy yourself brand new fluffy slippers, a robe, and hair curlers, and wear them around the house as you bake or clean. I love feeling domestic.

5. Read self-help books! Watch self-help lectures!

6. Watch cheesy reality TV.

7. Road triiiiip!

8. Watch adventure movies.

9. Sign up on an internet forum that has to do with your interests!

10. volunteer

11. Find a foreign language partner on link removed! You can help them learn English if you don't know any other languages.

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Here's mine...


Clean out the garage


Play "patty cake".


Put your socket set back in order.


Get out the fondue maker.


Play 52 pickup or solitaire


Make pancakes.


Get out the old uniform and see if it still fits.


Take up accordion lessons from where you left off in grade school.


Start a stamp collection.


Enter your recipe for relish in the county fair.


Take up balloon twisting.


Beach comb.


Collect a giant ball of string.


Learn how to make hand shadows


Carpet your closets


Write Grandma that letter


Get a pet iguana named Herman.


Collect dead flies from window sill for Herman.


Take in laundry


Paint the fence


Dig in the sofa for spare change.


Put down some new shelf paper, the old stuff is getting sticky.


Play living room badminton with the cat and a wadded up napkin.


Clean out the leaf gutters.


Attend a Swedish film festival.





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